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Nevada Author Richard R. Becker Wins Fourth Book Award


Richard R. Becker and his awards for 50 States

Richard R. Becker has received four awards for his first book

Richard R. Becker, author of 50 States

Richard R. Becker visits Adventures Underground in Richland, Washington

Cover of 50 States

50 States: A Collection of Short, Short Stories

Short story collection continues to gain traction and attention

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Nevada author Richard R. Becker has received a 2023 Book Excellence Award for his short story collection, 50 States. Out of thousands of books entered in this competition, 50 States was selected for its high-quality writing, design, and overall market appeal in the category of short stories.

This is the fourth award the book has received. 50 States won first place for short stories in the Spring 2022 BookFest Awards; first place in the ABR Book Excellence Award for literary fiction, psychological thriller, and short stories; and was named a finalist in the IAN Book Of The Year Awards.

“I didn’t write the collection to win awards, but the honor of being recognized during the past two years has been one of the highlights of becoming an author,” said Richard R. Becker. “Short story collections are not always top of mind and generally attract a smaller readership. Awards have helped introduce dozens of new readers to my debut work.”

50 States is also nominated for a fifth award, the RONE Awards, in the category of audiobooks. The RONE Awards are hosted by InD’tale! Magazine. Books are nominated if they receive an InD’tale! review of 4.5 stars or better. Only eight audiobooks were nominated.

InD’tale! reviewer Chelsea Andersen called the book “emotionally charged” and “having a depth that will hook readers in.” Of narrator Brian Callanan’s performance, she said “he does a masterful job at balancing the different characters” in his “solid performance.”

50 States by Richard R. Becker is a best-selling debut collection of short stories that captures how perception shapes destiny as part of the human condition. Together, these short stories — 50 in all — provide a character-driven sampling of the American experience over the last 60 years — the kind and the cruel, the heroic and criminal.

Along with 50 States, Becker has since released Ten Threads, a brisk 125-page companion to 50 States, building upon some of the original stories. The 10-story collection also includes the first chapter of Becker’s debut novel, which will be announced later this month. Unlike 50 States, Ten Threads was published as a Kindle exclusive.

Becker originally started writing as part of a project to write 50 stories in 50 weeks, which eventually became 50 States as he noticed many of the early stories took place in different states. He says he followed a similar model for his upcoming debut novel, writing one chapter a week until it was complete.

Richard R. Becker was born in Milwaukee and raised by his grandparents during his early years. He worked his way through school, attending Whittier College and the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduation, Becker worked as a journalist, copywriter, creative strategist, publisher, university instructor, and entrepreneur. After 30 years of telling other people’s stories, he drew upon personal experiences to tell some of his own.

When he isn’t writing, Becker has a broad range of interests, including travel, fitness, and spending time with his wife and two children. Visit him online at or Ten Threads is available for purchase at Amazon (, and 50 States is available wherever books are sold.

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