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PLANTPOCKETS™ Donates Vertical Herb Garden to The Soup Kitchen


Type spells out PLANTPOCKETS in a logo

PLANTPOCKETS™ growbags are manufactured in the USA. The people of PLANTPOCKETS INTERNATIONAL LLC like giving back to their communities.

Two representatives from The Soup Kitchen and the innovator of Plantpockets

The Soup Kitchen’s Chef Peter Moshonas and executive director Marlene Mejia with Brian Fischer of PLANTPOCKETS™.

Chef of The Soup KItchen selects herbs from the vertical herb garden to add to his cooking

Chef Peter (Pete) Moshonas cuts herbs in the PLANTPOCKETS to add to his meatloaf recipe at The Soup Kitchen in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Chefs delighted to have instant access to clean fresh herbs for recipes.

Our plan is to create several vertical herb gardens around the building so The Soup Kitchen chefs have an unlimited source of fresh herbs for cooking.”

— Brian Fischer, Innovator, PLANTPOCKETS™

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — The PLANTPOCKETS™ company donated an herb wall garden to The Soup Kitchen in Boynton Beach, Florida to provide the volunteer chefs fresh herbs for the 1,000 meals they prepare, serve, and give away every day.

Thanks to PLANTPOCKETS™, the chefs at The Soup Kitchen are now able to provide their customers with fresh herbs, adding new flavors and textures to their dishes. All of this enhances the nutritional value of the meals served, ensuring that those who rely on the soup kitchen are getting the best possible nutrition.

PLANTPOCKETS™ are ideal for above ground gardening, such as The Soup Kitchen project. The mesh growbags keep plants cooler, help with even root irrigation, and require no maintenance. PLANTPOCKETS™ are ideal for growing plants outdoors on walls, railings, fences, balconies, and docks. PLANTPOCKETS™ work best with flowers, vegetables, orchids, fruits, and herbs. Above ground gardening saves space, allows plants to be clean for cut-to-consume use, and ideal for places where tree roots or concrete prevent planting.

For the past 40 years, the community of Boynton Beach, Florida, has relied on The Soup Kitchen as a vital resource for those facing food insecurity. And now, thanks to PLANTPOCKETS™ and their innovative vertical herb garden, The Soup Kitchen is more equipped than ever to provide healthy, flavorful, sustainable meals to their customers.

This philanthropic partnership is not just about installing a vertical herb garden, but it’s also about empowering the kitchen’s chefs to create delicious and healthy meals that nourish both the stomach and the soul. Beyond the immediate benefits for those who consume the meals, this partnership between The Soup Kitchen and PLANTPOCKETS is an example of the power of philanthropy in creating meaningful change on a local level.

The Soup Kitchen of Boynton Beach, Florida is celebrating its 40th year of service in 2023. The organization is supported by private donations, without government funds. Learn more about the mission at

PLANTPOCKETS INTERNATIONAL LLC manufactures its mesh Growbag products in the United States and sells them directly to consumers on and at variety of garden centers. Even though the products are easy to install and use, the company has several professional installers in Florida for more elaborate wall garden installations for homes and businesses.

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Chef Pete selects herbs from The Soup Kitchen’s vertical herb garden.

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