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Priscilla Presley, Riley’s Bond With Lisa Marie’s Twins Amid Estate Drama


nside Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough Relationships With Lisa Marie Presley Twin Daughters Harper and Finley Amid Family Estate Battle

Riley Keough, Priscilla Presley, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood.
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Family comes first. Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough have remained close with Lisa Marie Presley‘s 14-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley, amid the battle for the late star’s estate.

“Riley and Priscilla have relationships with the twins,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Riley comes over to pick up the girls for the day and Priscilla also spends time with them.”

According to the insider, Michael Lockwood “wants” his daughters to have their older sister, 33, and grandmother, 77, in their lives.

“They’re family. Riley loves her sisters and Priscilla loves her grandchildren,” the source continues. “Michael hopes their relationships continue to grow and the guardianship situation doesn’t cause a rift as the trust case continues.”

Lisa Marie, who was the daughter of the late Elvis Presley, was married to Danny Keough from 1988 to 1994. They welcomed daughter Riley and late son Benjamin in 1989 and 1992, respectively. (Benjamin died by suicide at age 27 in July 2020.)

The singer was also married to Michael Jackson from 1994 to 1996 and to Nicolas Cage from 2002 to 2004. She later tied the knot with Lockwood, 61, in 2006 and gave birth to Harper and Finley two years later. The former couple parted ways in 2016, and their divorce was finalized in 2021.

In January, Us confirmed that Lisa Marie went into cardiac arrest. She died later that day at age 54 after being taken to a nearby hospital.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us,” Priscilla said in a statement at the time. “She was the most passionate strong and loving woman I have ever known. We ask for privacy as we try to deal with this profound loss. Thank you for the love and prayers. At this time there will be no further comment.”

nside Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough Relationships With Lisa Marie Presley Twin Daughters Harper and Finley Amid Family Estate Battle 2

Riley Keough, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, and Priscilla Presley.
Steve Cohn/Shutterstock

A public memorial was held for the songwriter at the Presley’s Graceland mansion shortly after the Tennessee native’s death. During the service, Priscilla read a tribute on behalf of Harper and Finley.

“I’m going to read something that my granddaughter wrote for all of you,” the New York native said. “And this says it all. I have no idea how to put my mother into words, truth is there are too many. Lisa Marie Presley was an icon, a role model, a superhero to many people all over the world, but Mama was my icon, my role model, my superhero in much more ways than one. Even now, I can’t get across everything there is to be understood or known about her but as she always said, ‘I’ll do my best.’”

Meanwhile, Riley’s husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, shared a tribute on her behalf at the service. “A letter to my Mama,” the stuntman, 31, said before revealing that Riley quietly welcomed their first child in 2022. “Thank you for being my mother in this life. I am eternally grateful to have spent 33 years with you. I’m certain I chose the best mother for me in this world and I knew that as far back as I can remember you.”

Following Lisa Marie’s passing, Priscilla made headlines when she contested her late daughter’s will. According to the actress, a 2016 amendment — which reportedly replaced her with Riley and Benjamin as the trustee — featured an invalid signature.

Lisa Marie’s current will lists the Daisy Jones & The Six star as the sole trustee. Meanwhile, Riley, Harper and Finley are all listed as beneficiaries of the trust. Earlier this month, Lockwood was officially named guardian of Harper and Finley in the family’s estate battle.

Amid the drama, the source notes that Lockwood is focused on his children. “He has their best interests at heart. He’s willing to protect and look after their best interests,” the insider shares. “He’s their father so he didn’t want to have to go through this in court to ask for guardianship.”

The source adds: “Michael doesn’t have a lot of money, but he’ll do whatever he can so that they’re comfortable. The girls are Presley’s, so that comes with a lot of privilege for them, but at the same time he wants them to be grounded. They have to clean their rooms and make their beds. He wants them to be grateful for what they have.”

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