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Rachel Recchia Celebrates Breast Reduction Surgery in a Crop Top


Late this winter, Rachel Recchia underwent breast reduction surgery.

Recovery was neither fast nor easy. She was fortunate to have a good friend at home to look after her while she healed.

Technically, she is still healing … but she is well enough to celebrate.

Rachel has waited a long time to feel comfortable in her own body, and to wear the clothes that were never options before.

On TikTok, Rachel Recchia displayed her happiness and joy after undergoing breast reduction surgery. Good for her! (Image via TikTok)

Rachel Recchia’s recovery was painful, but after six weeks of healing, she felt well enough to go to Coachella.

Over the weekend, she wore a homemade crop top (well, she did the cropping to an existing top herself) to attend the music festival.

She was feeling her absolute best, and showed off the results on TikTok. As you can see in these screenshots, she looks very comfortable with her body.

Rachel Recchia showed off the jaw-dropping results of her breast reduction surgery, reveling in the feel of a homemade crop top. (Image via TikTok)

Wearing a floral skirt to contrast with the simple white crop top, the The Bachelorette alum shared her exhilaration in her TikTok caption.

“I have waited my entire life to wear this top!!!” Rachel wrote.

This is not the first time that Rachel has discussed how much her previous breast size limited her wardrobe and impeded her life.

Rachel Recchia shows off her glistening beauty under the hot sun. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In fact, Rachel has been considering getting a breast reduction since she was only 17 years old.

“I feel like I spent all of my teenage years and my early 20s just really trying to hide my body,” she admitted on TikTok ahead of her surgery.

Rachel then explained: “That’s why a lot of the time you guys would see me very covered up.”

Rachel Recchia did not actually find love on The Bachelorette. Sometimes, that’s how things work out.

“I would always try on dresses or outfits with [Bachelor franchise stylist Cary Fetman],” Rachel recalled.

“And,” she continued, “I remember always being like, ‘You know, when I get my boobs done I can wear this.’”

Rachel added: “And I got to the point where I have so many tops and bras and just bathing suits that are saved for when I get this.”

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Then, Rachel explained “because I didn’t know when it was.”

“But,” she went on, “all I knew was one day I was gonna get it.”

Rachel affirmed “and I was gonna be wearing little tops.” And now she is!

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Sometimes, cosmetic surgery is primarily a product of public pressure or societal norms. In those cases, it can feel like a tragedy — especially when someone begins wanting it when they are only 17 years old.

Breast reduction is a bit of a special case.

Because breast reduction can be a purely medical procedure. And also because social pressures sort of go both ways on this.

Everyone knows that Rachel Recchia is a pilot. It’s even in some of her social media handles.

The increased sexualization — where everything that you wear or do receives creepy attention from creepy people — is a major downside to larger breasts.

So in a sense, someone who is very busty might feel pressured to go down a few sizes. Why? Just to avoid some weirdos and their comments.

Of course, those same creeps will have a normal one about breast reduction. There are men who “joke” about holding vigils for a woman’s breasts when she undergoes a reduction. It’s kind of horrifying.

Genevieve Parisi looked after Rachel Recchia after she recovered from her breast reduction surgery.

And, as we said, it’s also just a huge medical issue. Not the same as a mastectomy for cancer, and not the same as top surgery for trans folks.

Larger breasts can have medical consequences. Those include back problems and more.

Most importantly, Rachel did this to make herself happier. And she is clearly happier. Good for her!

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