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Rachel Recchia & Genevieve Parisi Roast Each Other At Coachella


Former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Recchia and “Bachelor In Paradise” alum Genevieve Parisi are currently having the time of their lives at Coachella.

While in their hotel room, the two decided to have fun and roast one another by jumping on the “passing the phone” trend currently circulating in TikTok.

Rachel Recchia And Genevieve Parisi Pass The Phone

'Bachelor' Alums Rachel Recchia And Geneieve Parisi Reveal New Partnership
Instagram | Rachel Recchia and Genevieve Parisi

Rachel Recchia and Genevieve Parisi live life as they focus on friendship instead of relationships. Most recently, the two attended Coachella and are bringing fans along for the ride.

Before heading out to Coachella for the day, Recchia shared a video to TikTok of her and Genevieve Parisi playing the “pass the phone” game. First, Recchia said, “I’m passing the phone to someone who says they’re Post Malone’s biggest fan but missed his entire set yesterday.”

Parisi then took the phone and replied, “I’m passing the phone to someone who made me walk seven times in the circle, around Coachella, for one glass of champagne.”

Recchia then held the phone again, to which she said, laughing, “I’m passing the phone to someone whose nipple fell out of her shirt three times yesterday.”

The two continued going back and forth, completely roasting each other — but all in good fun.


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Fans couldn’t get enough of the two going back and forth as they quickly commented, “Oh my god 💀💀” and “I need a friendship like this 😭.”

A third wrote, “I’m obsessed with this entire thing.”

At another point in the video, Parisi said she was “passing the phone to someone who says they’re a pilot but doesn’t know how to read the Coachella map.” Fans loved the roast from the “Bachelor In Paradise” alum as comments poured in saying, “The pilot map one made my jaw drop. That was brutal 🤣” and “The pilot map one 😭😭😭😭.”

Parisi herself commented on the video, saying, “The first one hurt,” to which Recchia replied, “It’s the map for me.”

New Partnership With Absolut Revealed

Rachel Recchia And Genevieve Parisi Roast Each Other At Coachella
Instagram | Genevieve Parisi

Recchia and Parisi have become best friends as they announced they would be moving in together in L.A. last year. The two, who revealed they have a new partnership with Absolut Vodka, are stunning their fans at Coachella.

In a joint Instagram post, the two shared they are teaming up with Absolut Vodka.

“Let’s make a toast 🥂,” the two wrote jointly on social media. “Having just moved to Los Angeles, we are so excited for our first summer as roommates! There is nothing we love more than spending time with our girlfriends, and what better way to celebrate friendship than with a cocktail?”

The two revealed that they would be at Coachella this year and even have a special drink offered at the event. “In true L.A. fashion, we have to attend Coachella this year- and could not be more excited to partner with Absolut! So grab your best friend, and we’ll see you in the desert @absolutus,” they wrote.

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