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Reacher’s Alan Ritchson Snuck A Cameo From Author Lee Child Into The Series


Recalling casting “Reacher,” Lee Child revealed in an interview that it was longtime Jack Reacher producer Don Granger that convinced him Ritchson was their leading man. The producer worked on both Jack Reacher movies and came along for the streaming show. And it was Granger to whom Ritchson turned when the idea struck him to have Child appear on-screen.

Ritchson had learned to be Reacher by hanging out with Lee Child, devouring all 28 books and steering clear of watching Tom Cruise’s performance so as to keep his own wholly original. And it seems the actor developed a real appreciation for the English writer, telling /Film he “fell in love with what Lee Child has done.” So, when he saw an opportunity to bring Child into the show, he took it.

As Ritchson told CinemaBlend, he saw the diner set as the “perfect” place for a Child cameo. The diner is part of the opening episode, where Reacher tries to enjoy a slice of pie before being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. And the season closes with a heartfelt conversation between him and Malcolm Goodwin’s Oscar Finlay in that same diner. But before Reacher sits down for his heart-to-heart, he runs into Child himself. As Ritchson explained:

“I remember asking Don Granger […] if he thought Lee would be up for it, that I wanted him to be in the scene. And he goes, ‘Yeah, sure, let me go ask him!’ And so he goes, ‘Oh, he loved the idea! He’s going to do it!’ And I was like, ‘No way! My hero, my hero is going to be in the scene with me, he wants to do this.’ And our paths do cross”.

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