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ReadyWise Outdoor Casual Camper Line Launches Spring Exclusive Deal for Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — ReadyWise’s Casual Camper Line is a range of food products designed to provide families and individuals with delicious, convenient, non-perishable, and easy-to-prepare meals while enjoying nature. This product line is tailored to make outdoor dining hassle-free, offering customers a variety of meal options that are easy to prepare and enjoy, no matter the location. With the Casual Camper Line, customers can now focus on enjoying their outdoor experiences without having to worry about meal planning and preparation. The meals are freeze-dried, which means they are lightweight and easy to pack but can be quickly rehydrated with water to create a hot and satisfying meal. Whether people are avid campers, backpackers, or want to enjoy the outdoors without skimping a good meal, ReadyWise’s Casual Camper line has something for them.

There’s no need to spend time cooking when one can hang around the campfire with friends and family, which is what it’s all about. Popular meal options include pasta dishes like creamy Pasta Alfredo with Chicken and comforting Mac and Cheese, a popular and kid-approved staple. Filling breakfast options like sweet Coconut Blueberry Multigrain Cereal and savory Breakfast Skillet with Sausage are also camp favorites. ReadyWise offers various kits and bundles designed to provide convenience for customers who are looking for quick and easy options for weekend trips. These include the 2-Day and 3-Day Adventure bags, which are designed to be grab-and-go, allowing customers to plan their trips with minimal effort. Conveniently packed in a 5-liter waterproof dry bag, they can easily clip onto one’s backpack and includes breakfasts, entrees, and snacks.

The meals quickly rehydrate with boiling water, making them a convenient and satisfying option for outdoor enthusiasts who need to refuel after a long day outdoors. All that is required to create a memorable outdoor dining experience is a meal pouch, water, and boiling water. ReadyWise meals can be cooked and consumed from their resealable bag, so if one is alone, they can save the rest of the meal for later, and there are no dishes to clean up. These pouches are also great for sharing because they come with 2.5 servings.

ReadyWise Outdoor has an exclusive April offer for the Boy and Girl Scout Troops to support the next generation of outdoor adventurers. For this month only, ReadyWise is offering discounts on select products. Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops can enjoy a 30% discount when they purchase five or more dry bags, or a 20% discount when they purchase five or more meal pouches. These offers provide an opportunity for customers to save money while purchasing high-quality products from ReadyWise. To access the exclusive discount codes, please get in touch with their media contact.

ReadyWise Outdoor has people covered from the early mornings to the late nights. Start the day with breakfast and boost mornings with their freeze-dried Trail Magic Instant Coffee. Each Trail Magic Instant Coffee pouch contains 30 servings of their rich freeze-dried 100% Colombian coffee and is resealable. There’s no need for fancy dish wear. Just grab a favorite mug, and the coffee dilutes directly in water, hot and cold. End the day with a delicious dessert like Cookie Dough Snacks or Mango Sticky Rice. Ready to eat and no mess, a great reward for a hard day. ReadyWise Outdoor also carries meal options for those with dietary restrictions, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals and snacks.

To learn more about ReadyWise Outdoor and its Casual Camper line of freeze-dried meals, visit The company can also be found on the following social media pages:




Calling all outdoor enthusiast who love shooting outdoor content, check out the company’s Ambassador page for more information.

About ReadyWise

ReadyWise, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, is a leader in Emergency Food Supplies, Outdoor Adventure Meals, and Everyday Snacking, perfect for an emergency or the outdoor enthusiast. ReadyWise helps its customers prepare with their manufactured freeze-dried and dehydrated meals with up to 25-year shelf life. ReadyWise has over 200 employees dedicated to providing a high-quality and long-term food supply for any situation. To learn more about ReadyWise and Readywise’s products, visit

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