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‘Return to Amish’: Are Rosanna Miller & Johnny Detweiler Still Together?


Rosanna Miller and Johnny Detweiler from Return to Amish put their relationship to the test in the modern world. They left their strict lifestyle for a new beginning. But did their time together come to an end — or are they still going strong?

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller & Johnny Detweiler Leave Strict Community

Rosanna Miller made her reality television debut back in 2021. She left her strict community to experience the modern world. However, she found it overwhelming and suffered a panic attack. Yet, she decided to stay and give her new life a second chance.

The TLC celeb eventually fell in love with an Amish boy. She introduces her boyfriend, Johnny Detweiler, in the new season. She wants to be with him. But he wants her to stay Amish.

The Return to Amish celeb returns to Pinecraft, Florida, to meet with her castmates. However, she invites her boyfriend to come along with her. She wants him to experience the English world. Yet, he feels out of place right away.

Johnny doesn’t think the English world is the right choice for him. He tells the TLC star that he wants to go back to the Amish community. But she is able to convince him to stay. And it seems like he hasn’t looked back since.

Rosanna & Johnny Still Going Strong

Rosanna has left the Amish community. Johnny has also left despite having a rough start in the English world. The TLC couple has been living together. They have embraced their new lifestyle and no longer wear their traditional Amish clothing.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller - Johnny Detweiler
Rosanna & Johnny | TikTok

The Return to Amish cast members are still together. However, there are no details if the two are wed or plan to in the future. They have only been together for a couple of years. So, for now, they are enjoying their new life together outside their strict community.

Johnny loves spending time outdoors. He enjoys going fishing on his time off. And Rosanna doesn’t mind watching him fish. However, it isn’t just the two of them on these fishing trips. They are a family of three.

Return to Amish Couple Welcome Baby Girl

Rosanna Miller gave birth to a baby girl back in March 2022. She and Johnny Detweiler named their little one Clara Rose Detweiler. The TLC stars’ baby girl weighed six pounds and 12 ounces at birth. She was also 19.5 inches long.

Last month, the Return to Amish cast members celebrated their daughter’s first birthday. They are enjoying parenthood and watching Clara Rose grow up. But will she learn about their Amish upbringing?

The new season is currently airing. Fans are watching the TLC couple’s relationship be tested in the English world. However, there is no telling if the pregnancy or birth will be in upcoming episodes.

However, Rosanna and her boyfriend aren’t the only cast members to welcome a baby. Maureen Byler and Danny Byler also had a baby girl last year. Sabrina Burkholder even recently gave birth to her sixth child, a baby boy.

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