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‘Seeking Brother Husband’: Patrick Puts Valentino on The Spot


Seeking Brother Husband star Chara is ready to take the next step with Valentino. She believes he would make a perfect addition to her, Patrick, and Noble‘s family.

To move things along, she decides it is time for the men to meet. Things between them get off to a rocky start. Patrick is skeptical, and he has a few uncomfortable questions for the potential new guy.

Seeking Brother Husband: Chara Sets Up Meeting Between Patrick & Valentino

When TLC cast member Chara arranges a dinner meeting between herselfand both men, there is a lot of tension. Both men have their guards up. She knew it would be a stressful meeting and attempted to break the ice.

Things get off to a slow start. It takes her better half a few minutes to size the new man up, but then everyone begins to relax, and the conversation starts to flow.

Seeking Brother Husband - Patrick -Chara - Valentino
Seeking Brother Husband | TLC

Chara wants both men to lay their cards on the table. So, she leads the conversation. She asks her person of interest if he has any concerns about getting into a relationship with a woman involved with multiple partners. Patrick also wants to know if the relationship dynamics make him nervous.

He kicks off his response to the couple with some smooth talk. He tells the Seeking Brother Husband stars that he thinks she is a brilliant woman.

Knowing this about her, he adds that he knew that she would also be involved with someone equally as brilliant. He tells him that he has heard good things about him.

Valentino Shows His Vulnerable Side

Valentino knows this meeting is crucial. He understands that he needs her partner’s approval if they are to move forward. So, he tells the Seeking Brother Husband pair what he feels is most important to him.

Seeking Brother Husband - Chara
Chara | TLC

He says, “I just wanted to know that I’m accepted anywhere I go, but especially the time that I’m committing to spend with her. I need to know that I’m accepted by everybody she is connected to.”

The Atlanta native appears deep in thought while the interested party makes his declaration. He is ready to put him to the test. How he responds to the next question will be a huge moving forward.

Seeking Brother Husband: Men Get Down to Business

She moves the conversation along to the main topic. She expresses her desire to have a baby. So, Patrick feels the time is right to get his thoughts on having a family. He openly asks if this is something that he is on board within the near future.

Before he has a chance to respond she jumps in to explain that he has never had children. He also previously told her that it had not been a priority for him. However, should they continue moving forward with their relationship if and when the time comes, he feels it won’t be a problem.

Her admirer adds that if needed he believes he can juggle his responsibilities to make space for a child in his life. However, he doesn’t think that it’s something he should do at the moment.

So, is this a deal breaker for the Seeking Brother Husband partners, Patrick and Chara? It seems some serious decisions are in order for Valentino. She wants a child. But she needs everyone in her life must be on board, or else it will not work for her. This journey could take a while.

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