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Shakira & Gerard Piqué’s Tumultuous Breakup Will Be Studied


Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s breakup is more than just a tabloid talking point.

A university in Spain will dive deep into the tumultuous end to their nearly 12-year relationship.

The singer and former FC Barcelona defender confirmed their separation in June 2023 after spending over a decade together and welcoming two children together.

Shakira & Piqué’s Demise Will Become A University Study


The news came as an absolute shock to their fans and the internet.

In a joint statement, the ex-couple said, “We regret to confirm that we are separating. We ask for privacy at this moment for the well-being of our children, who are our maximum priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect.”

It’s been 10 months since the news was confirmed and Piqué has moved on with his Kosmos employee, Clara Chia Marti.

Gerard pique

Shakira on the other hand has focused on their two children and serving up diss track after diss track.

She’s had one hell of a year.

Her “BZRP Music Sessions #53” with Bizzrap broke the internet with 500 million views on YouTube, and it broke 14 Guinness records during the first 24 hours of its release.

Now, the former couple’s relationship fallout will be studied at The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in Spain.

The Repercussions Of The Breakup Will Be The Main Focus


According to HOLA!, UCLM announced they’ve organized a conference to study the repercussions of the breakup.

The conference will dive into different areas of law from the Right to Privacy, honor and the. image of itself to international law.

You’ll recall, Shakira recently moved away from Barcelona, Spain where she, Piqué and their children lived for over a decade.

The conference is called, “The Legal Implications of the Shakira and Piqué case regarding session 53 BZRP,” and will take place on April 13th at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Cuenca.

“It is clearly aimed at law students and people who are curious,” a source explained.


The purpose of this conference is “to bring students to some relevant legal issues using a topic that they know about through the media and that interests them.”

Shakira has been vocal about her children’s right to privacy following their move to Miami, Fl. at the beginning of the month.

Shakira’s Expressed Her Desire For Her Children To Have Privacy

Shakira and her sons Sasha and Milan Pique Mebarak

Taking to Instagram, she penned a lengthy and heartfelt message. She addressed the message to “friends, journalists and media.”

“At this time of changes in my life as a public figure, it is understandable that there is a permanent curiosity on the part of the press about me and my family. However, my children, Milan and Sasha have lived a very difficult year, suffering an incessant siege and relentless persecution by paparazzi and various media (outlets) in Barcelona,” she started off. “As they begin a new phase in their lives, I urge the media on behalf of my children to please respect their right to privacy.”

Shakira and her children have been under a microscope since her breakup from their father.

“I ask you to refrain from following them to the exit or entrance of the school, wait for them at the door of our house, or chase them to their extracurricular activities, and games as it has happened every day in Barcelona in order to obtain photographs or better ratings,” Shakira’s message continued. “I trust that journalists and photographers are sensitive to the situation Milan and Sasha are facing and can behave in the most humane way possible with them, taking into account that it is about the health and physical and emotional integrity of two minors under 8 and 10 years old who just want to be able to go out and attend school feeling safe and having the peace of mind of not being persecuted or subjected to the constant scrutiny of the cameras.”

Shakira concluded her plead, “I extend this petition no longer as an artist, but as a mother who wants to protect and care for the psychological and emotional well-being of her children so that they can live a healthy and happy life, as every child deserves.”

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