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Shakira’s Children Have Taken Issue With Gerard Piqué’s New GF


Shakira’s two children, Milan (10) and Sasha (8), are TEAM MOM!

The two minor children of the singer and ex-fútbol player Gerard Piqué are reportedly not fond of their dad’s new girlfriend.

Piqué got together with his Kosmos employee, Clara Chia Marti, soon after their 2022 breakup. A couple of nearly 12 years, they confirmed their split in a joint statement in June of that year.

Shakira’s Kids Are Siding With Her!

Shakira and her sons Sasha and Milan Pique Mebarak

It’s rumored he was cheating on Shakira with Marti, among other women, in the past.

Those cheating rumors have yet to be confirmed, but it’s widely speculated he was a wild man while Shakira was not around.

The Colombian native recently moved Sasha and Milan out of Barcelona, Spain, and to Miami, Fl.

Journalist Jordi Martin told “Intrusos,” both of Shakira’s children told him, “We don’t want to be with her [Marti].”

Shakira & Piqué’s Kids Don’t Want His GF Around

Gerard pique

Martin continued to dish, “One condition that the children imposed on Gerard Piqué were that he visit them in Miami without his girlfriend. The kids don’t want to see Clara. ‘Please, we don’t want to be with her in the ten days that you spend in Miami.’”

Piquè and Shakira signed a custody agreement earlier this year following a “marathon” meeting that lasted 12 hours.

TMartin revealed the details of that agreementto “Intrusos.”

Piqué will have ten days of the month with his kids. If he moves to Miami, the custody agreement will switch to 50-50.

“I think the kids are supporting their mother and have seen how much she’s suffered over the past year,” Martin explained.

According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Piqué has custody of their kids during school breaks, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. During summer break, the kids are split 70 – 30, with Pique having most days for himself.

Shakira’s Main Priority Has Been Her Kids, and Piqué’s Has Been Clara


Shakira has spoken about her struggles since the breakup through songs and interviews.

Mexican news program Canal, de las Estrellas, sat with Shakira for an exclusive interview in February.

Shakira admitted she had learned A LOT since breaking up with her partner of nearly 12 years.

Since the split, she’s realized she can be entirely “self-sufficient” after buying “into the story that a woman needed a man to be complete. I’ve always been emotionally dependent on men I’ve fallen in love with, and I think I’ve understood that story from another perspective. Today I am sufficient on my own.”

Shakira continued, “There is a place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.”


The only time Shakira has been candid about her separation from Piqué was in Elle Magazine, but she didn’t get too much into detail.

“Everything is so raw and new. I can only say that I put everything I had into this relationship and my family,” she told Elle. “In 2014, I knew my career had to take a back seat. I knew I had to put down roots in Barcelona and be there for my children and Gerard. One of us had to make a sacrifice, right?”

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