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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Jealous as Christine Swoons over New Fiance?


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown may not be as happy for her co-star and friend Christine Brown as she lets on. New information seems to imply that the TLC reality personality may have been forced to fake her happy thoughts. So why would she go to all of this trouble?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown & David Woolley’s Engagement a Sore Subject for Janelle Brown?

Janelle Brown may still have more in common with her ex-husband Kody Brown than some believe. Since the news broke about Christine Brown and David Woolley’s engagement, more rumors are popping up by the minute. However, one source close to the situation says things are not as they appear between the women.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

She is allegedly unhappy with her relationship with Christine. Per the mystery informant, their relationship has not been the same since David entered the picture. Has the love-struck TLC cast member placed all her time and attention on her man and neglected others?

This is an ongoing issue between the two Sister Wives cast members. Of course, she wants her friend to be happy, and thrive in every area of her life. However, she allegedly believes things have happened too fast between her and David, and this makes her leery of his intentions.

Network Sees Dollar Signs & Spin-Offs?

The relationship between Christine Brown and David Woolley may have something to do with her friend’s jealousy, according to some fans. Others feel it may have to do with money.

For a while now, viewers have called for the network to give the two women a spin-off series of their own. Now that she is ready to remarry, some think she feels as if she could be phased out.

Many also believe that a wedding special could be in the works. This could mean a hefty paycheck. This is an opportunity that neither woman will want to pass up.

So, for everyone involved to keep the Sister Wives train rolling, and the paychecks coming it is essential everyone does their part – is this what is happening?

Sister Wives: Will Janelle Jump into Wedding Planning Mode?

The reality star is racing ahead to marry David. It appears from her social media that the wedding will be sooner rather than later. Several of her followers believe she is already making plans. So, will Janelle put aside her ill feelings and jump into wedding planning mode with her friend?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

The former co-wives also spent so many years as close friends and business associates. So the bride-to-be will likely ask her dear friend to be a part of the wedding party in one form or another.

At this time, it is not clear what role she will play at the event. Sister Wives fans of Christine Brown and Janelle Brown just hope that all issues and hurt feelings can be placed aside. This will enable the two friends can get back to being as close as they once were.

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