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‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Engaged To BF David Woolley


Christine Brown has announced her engagement to her boyfriend of four months, David Woolley.

The TLC star made her relationship with her beau public in February before she decided to take things to the next level.

Since the news made headlines, many fans have congratulated the “Sisters Wives” cast member for not giving up on love, while others have expressed that they think she rushed the decision.

Before Wooley, Christine was spiritually married to Kody Brown, with whom she shares six kids.

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Christine Brown Is ‘Engaged’

'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Gets Engaged To New Beau Nearly 2 Years After Kody Brown Split

Per a post, TLC’s “Sister Wives” star Christine has gotten engaged to her beau Woolley, after dating for about four months.

The post read, “We’re engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I’m so excited and live in bliss every day!”

The mother of six romance with Woolley’s has seen fans delighted for her, as they have cheered her on since she left Kody, whom she was previously spiritually married to for 25 years.

However, it is unclear how the love birds met, as Christine only made her relationship with Woolley public in February with an Instagram story.

She revealed at the time that she had been “exclusively” seeing a new man, describing him as “wonderful and romantic and so kind” and “everything I’ve been looking for.”

Currently, there are no details about if the pair will walk down the aisle soon, but given the speed with which the engagement occurred, it would not be shocking if it happens within the next few months.

Fans React To Christine Brown’s Engagement

'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Gets Engaged To New Beau Nearly 2 Years After Kody Brown Split

Fans who have followed Christine throughout her time on the “Sister Wives” show congratulated her on her engagement.

One fan said, “You, my dear, are living the life you should have been living all along. You deserve every hug and every passionate kiss because you have a lot of making up to do! Kudos to both of you!!”

A second fan noted, “I knew it wouldn’t take her long to find a good man! She is a good woman! A prize!!” while another commented, “I hope she gets the wedding she always dreamed of.”

“Congrats, you deserve it to have a happy life and to be by a great man, who’s interested in you and your kids,” a fan congratulated the reality star.

While the comments were mostly positive, some fans worried that Christine was making such a colossal decision too soon.

One such person said, “I mean. I love her. But it’s still too early, especially after such a toxic situation.”

‘I’ve Never Been In Love Like This

'Sister Wives' Christine Brown Snuggles Up With New Beau David Woolley As They Continue To Flaunt Their Love

In an interview with People magazine, Christine expressed her happiness over the engagement, which she described as the start of a “wonderful adventure.”

“David treats me like a queen and tells me I’m beautiful every day,” she said, “I’ve never been in love like this before, and the world seems like a brighter place with him in it.”

Since she became public about her relationship with Woolley, the duo has been seen hanging out and going on trips together.

In March, they vacationed in Utah, with Christine taking to Instagram to share a moment from the trip.

“Life is short; why not take a wonderful weekend getaway for fun new adventures,” she captioned the post. “I love having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with. We could not get enough of the gorgeous views. Utah is beautiful; there are so many secrets to explore.”

Christine Brown And Kody Brown’s Spiritual Marriage

Kody and Christine Brown

Christine’s whirlwind romance with Woolley comes nearly two years after she ended her spiritual marriage to Kody.

Her difficulties with the patriarch, for whom she bore six children, were well documented on TLC’s “Sister Wives.” At the time of their split, it was revealed that they had grown apart and had no reason to stay together.

Following Christine’s departure to leave in 2021, Kody’s other wives, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown, also ended their relationships with him over similar reasons.

Unlike his spiritual marriage with Christine and Janelle, the patriarch is now only legally married to his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

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