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‘Sister Wives’: Truely Brown Acts Out Over Mom’s Quickie Wedding?


Sister Wives young star, Truely Brown, already chomped down and bit her future stepfather’s hand, which seemed to start fans zeroing in on her behavior. Christine Brown made light of the hand-biting incident, but did David Woolley?

The actions of the mother-daughter team from the TLC reality series started a heated debate online recently.

Fans couldn’t contain themselves from questioning what was behind the 13-year-old’s behavior. Especially after they spotted what looked like an aggravated groom-to-be in a few posts with his future bride and future stepdaughter.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown Granted A Lot of Freedom?

Truely Brown just turned 13 last week, but some fans suggest her mom treats her as if she was much older. Christine Brown demonstrated laid-back behavior with all her kids over the years.

But to some veteran Sister Wives fans, it looks like she’s more lenient with her youngest child than she was with the rest of them.

Sister Wives
Sister Wives: Truely Brown | Instagram

Being the baby of the family has its perks. By the time her mother raised five other kids, she’s dealt with almost anything kids can throw at a mom. That makes it easier for most babies of a family, and it’s possible the same goes for her as well.

But opposite sides formed online as the debate continues about how Truely Brown’s behavior could affect her mom’s pending marriage. Some chalk this up to typical antics for her age group.

Christine Brown Gives Kids a Lot of Room

Most mothers draw the line on what they’d accept for behavior from their kids. But, this Sister Wives mom seems to have a bigger threshold than most for acceptable behavior for her offspring.

One example of this happened around Christmas a few years back. Her daughter, Ysabel Brown, took a running jump into the Christmas tree on purpose.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Jumping Into Christmas Tree
Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Jumping Into Christmas Tree | Instagram

But instead of redirecting the teen, this mom of six stood there and filmed it. She continued filming as her daughter and the tree toppled over. Then she posted the clip online for her followers to see.

Today fans see the same type of leniency with her youngest child. While her mom can laugh it off, some Sister Wives fans read the look on David’s face as being a bit aggravated in recent poses with Truely Brown and her mom.

Sister Wives: How Is David Handling the Antics?

Fans think David looks a bit agitated in recent photos, like the one below. Truely looks to be making, a silly face in the photo and Christine seems oblivious to her daughter’s antics. This was taken during the trio’s trip to Universal Studios.

But some Sister Wives fans think the pending groom looks as if he’s had enough for the day. Sure, but it doesn’t mean his future stepdaughter is the source of a sour mood if that is really the case. That facial expression could mean anything from an attack of gas to someone in the crowd distracting him.

Sister Wives; Christine Brown - Truely Brown - David Woolley
Sister Wives | Instagram

So, to suggest that this young lady is the source of David’s facial grimace, well that’s stretching it a bit. But for the fans who watched the video where David yells out that Truely bit him, well, that’s a clip that caught a lot of attention. Christine and her daughter joined the future groom for a ride in a recreational vehicle.

In the video, Truely sat in the backseat and seemed to bite him as he paid attention to Christine. It didn’t seem to bother her mother at all, she just laughed. So, some Sister Wives followers suggest that this future stepdaughter could be a problem for David.

Is Truely Just Acting Like a Kid?

Some of the fans who follow Christine seem to think that the teen interferes when her mom when her attention is focused on David.

So, is there a little jealousy on her daughter’s part when her mom’s attention is on her future husband? But wouldn’t that be natural if this happened to be true? After all, Truely Brown is still a kid.

Plus the bride-to-be just suggested she needs help planning a quick wedding. So, this may all be too fast for her daughter, who’s already experienced recent major life changes.

Her life was suddenly uprooted from a family of 18 siblings. So, now she’s far away from her dad and some of her siblings. Because of this, Christine may have doted on her a bit more than usual to ease the transition.

But if you check out the feature picture above, the proud student is holding an award. It was given to her for “Being Respectful.” So, it looks as if she’s considered respectful by those around her at school.


But still, what some fans have seen in recent posts rattled them a bit. They suggest that the mom of six needs to stop reacting to her antics as if it’s adorable. Others think a little discipline would go a long way for the teen.

So, for various reasons, there are fans who think that Christine needs to reel in Truely a bit. They suggest that while

Christine thinks her daughter’s actions are cute, David might not if she crosses the line, like biting him again. So, the debate is in full swing online.  Is Truely Brown just being a kid or does her mom let this go too far?

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