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Tawny Cypress Knows Why Tai Cut Van Out Of Her Life


“I think that [Taissa] has compartmentalized [Van],” Tawny Cypress told TV Line in a recent interview. “Put her away in a box when they ended their relationship. She says how many girls she f***ed in college and all this other stuff. It didn’t even dawn on her to connect with Van again until the other Tai came out and told her to do so.”

As fans can recall from adult Taissa’s season 1 heart-to-heart with Shauna, young post-wilderness Taissa went out and did everything she’d originally planned to do, continuing along the plans she made for herself back in high school as if nothing out of the ordinary ever occurred. Throughout season 1, she clearly wants to think of those 19 months in the wilderness as some separate period of her life, one with no bearing on anything that happened to her before or after. If she has to get rid of Van in order to maintain that illusion, so be it. 

“I think she is too much into making her life as perfect as possible and she’s a narcissist so, she’s not just thinking about old, past relationships,” Cypress speculated. But as “Yellowjackets” has made abundantly clear by this point, you can never just ignore your past. Maybe that’s why Bad Taissa is so much scarier and more violent than what we’ve seen from any of the other survivors so far. Taissa’s tried the hardest to bury everything that happened, so when the past does come back to the surface, it returns with far more of a vengeance than she expected. It turns out that if you try to lock something away for 25 years, it’s going to be angry at you when it finally gets out. 

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