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The Most Dangerous Driving for Cities in Nebraska


Omaha Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyers

Omaha Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys

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Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys

Wrongful Death Attorneys

Wrongful Death Attorneys

The Demerath Law Office discusses the most dangerous driving in Nebraska.

OMAHA, NE, US, April 18, 2023/ — When living in Nebraska, many people might think that they are living in an area protected from dangerous things. In fact, some of the safest cities in Nebraska are Norfolk, Shuyler, Papillion, Columbus, and Seward. (1) However, there are some areas that are pretty dangerous as well. It’s important to understand the dangers that drivers may face when driving in this amazing state. Let’s take a look at some statistics, things to look out for, and reasons people need to look into a car accident attorney.

Car Accidents in Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the second largest city in Nebraska with crime issues. In fact, the crime in Omaha is 60% more than the national average. (2) However, it also has the largest number of vehicle crashes in the entire state, with over 9000 in 2020, which was down from over 13,000 in 2019. This decrease is probably due to the lockdowns that were experienced during the year 2020. Omaha was ranked 12th in the nation for the most car accidents and 1st for DUI cases in 2021.

This city still has the most significant number of vehicle crashes over any other city in the state. In fact, Omaha is home to the worst intersection in America.

The Worst Intersection in the Nation is in Omaha

The four-way intersection of Industrial Drive, Millard Avenue, L Street, and 132nd Street is the seventh busiest interchange in Omaha. It sees about 70,000 cars a day. This road disaster has acquired the dubious honors of being the worst crossroads in America by Streets Blog USA and the most dangerous intersection for pedestrians by Time magazine. It has twenty-nine lanes of head-on traffic with a variety of 19 signal lights. The best course of action would be to steer clear of this intersection. If someone does find themselves in this situation, they best be sure to stay in the correct lane. It’s important to look out for confused drivers who don’t understand where they might be going.

What Are the Primary Reasons Accidents Happen in Omaha?

There are numerous causes of car accidents. Data shows that speeding and drunk driving continue to be two of the leading causes of car accidents in Omaha. Some other typical reasons for accidents include:

Speeding on icy or snow-covered roads and under adverse weather conditions.

Driving while fatigued, including dozing off behind the wheel.

Driving aggressively or recklessly, such as following too closely or cutting through stop signs or red lights.

Driving while distracted, including texting

These are just a few of the factors contributing to Omaha’s high accident rate.

The Second City in Nebraska Where Cautious Driving is Advised

Omaha does have its issues, many of which are due to the size of the city. Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, both by land size and population. It’s no wonder that it is the most dangerous when it comes to driving. However, Lincoln, Nebraska, comes in a close second. This city is the second largest with the second largest number of traffic accidents, a bit over 5000 in 2020. This means that there are plenty of injuries and fatalities due to vehicle accidents in the city. It, too, has a very dangerous intersection that drivers should avoid.

The intersection of Cornhusker and 27th Street is one of Lincoln’s most hazardous, so proceed with caution. The high accident rate here is a result of dense traffic and convoluted turn lane arrangement. Authorities attribute the high volume of accidents at this location to excessive traffic. Although there are many causes of collisions, the police claim that distracted driving is the leading cause at city intersections like this one.

While these two cities come as no surprise as both are the largest cities in the state of Nebraska, it still is something worth mentioning. Being in a larger city means that being on high alert is critical. Be sure to drive defensively to avoid accidents.

While these are two of the most dangerous cities in the state of Nebraska, another area that should be avoided if at all possible is Interstate 80.

Interstate 80

Interstate 80 is one of the main highways that run through the state of Nebraska. Because of this, it is one of the most dangerous.

Interstate 80, one of the first roads built as part of the Interstate Highway System in 1956, runs from California to New Jersey along the Lincoln Highway’s original path, which was the first road to cross the entire country. Sadly, Interstate 80 consistently ranks among the most dangerous routes in every state it crosses. Nebraska is no exception. Interstate 80 is the only significant freeway in the state. It is the primary route for commercial traffic. Furthermore, it is constantly crowded with big trucks. Here are several risks the people of Nebraska should be aware of when traveling on Interstate 80.

Congestion between Omaha and Lincoln.

Continuous, heavy commercial truck traffic.

Dust storms might develop in the western section due to strong winds.

Interstate 80 has a notorious reputation that is well-deserved among locals. Road closures caused by accidents and multi-car collisions involving semi-trucks are regularly reported in regional news. In fact, a quick search of Nebraska and I-80 will be all too revealing about what should be expected. A good truck accident attorney may be needed if necessary.

Fremont, Nebraska

Fremont, Nebraska, is significantly smaller in size and demographics than Nebraska’s larger cities. In fact, its size is just under 9 square miles, given Omaha is almost 150 and Lincoln is around 100 square miles. This shows just how little Fremont is in comparison. However, there are still a significant amount of car accidents in Fremont, with almost 600 in 2020. This means that there are reasons to believe that there might be some fatalities and injuries in this small town.

The total number of fatalities in the state of Nebraska for 2020 was 233. However, seven of those were alcohol-related. The rest were for other causes. Most of the accidents that occur in the state are actually happening during the spring through fall months. While most people, for whatever reason, think that the majority of accidents occur during the winter months, this simply isn’t true.

Grand Island, Nebraska

Grand Island is just a couple of hours away from Fremont, but it has a very different traffic accident profile. In Grand Island in 2020, there were over 1000 car accidents; 7 of them fatal. This isn’t a huge uptick from Fremont since the population of Grand Island is almost double that of Fremont. However, during these accidents, the property damage endured was also double for those in the Grand Island area.

As shown, Nebraska residents should be concerned when it comes to driving. In fact, Nebraska was ranked the 16th worst in the nation in 2020.

To stay safe while driving, always follow posted speed limits and exercise extra caution when driving in bad weather conditions. Avoid using mobile phones while driving, as doing so significantly increases the risk of an accident or collision. Be sure to get familiar with the road’s local rules, and ensure the car is serviced regularly to check for any mechanical issues that could cause an accident or breakdown during travel.

Finally, always use seat belts and helmets when traveling – they can help reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a crash. Additionally, it is important not to take any medication that can affect the driver’s ability to drive safely, such as muscle relaxants or painkillers like Vicodin® or OxyContin®.

Areas To Avoid In Nebraska Due To Car Accidents

Navigating Nebraska’s roads can be daunting, even for experienced drivers. With its many rural areas, unpredictable weather, and busy highways, it’s important to be aware of potential risks associated with driving in Nebraska. Here are some ways to avoid traffic accidents in Nebraska:

Monitor local traffic reports to stay informed of any potential delays or closures that could cause an accident. Be mindful of road conditions, such as potholes or icy patches, and take extra precautions when necessary. Avoid tailgating and other unsafe behaviors while driving.

Utilize hands-free devices, such as Bluetooth headsets and navigation systems. This will minimize distractions while behind the wheel. Keep music at low levels to stay focused on the road ahead.

Take regular breaks when feeling fatigued while driving; pull over if necessary and rest until feeling safe to drive. Remember to slow down and maintain focus in work zones, being mindful of any instructions from workers.

Stay alert by scanning ahead for potential hazards or obstacles. Use defensive driving techniques when necessary, exercise caution in high-traffic areas, always obey traffic laws, and pay attention to the surroundings. Download a winter driving app for extra safety measures during colder months, get familiar with the vehicle’s safety features, and always wear a seatbelt. Avoid eating, drinking, or texting while behind the wheel.

With these tips in mind, there will be no problem navigating Nebraska’s roads safely!

Be sure to Stay Alert During Driving

Navigating Nebraska’s roads can be challenging, and awareness of the risks associated with driving in the state is essential. Be mindful of Nebraska’s deadliest roads, avoid areas that are prone to car accidents, and follow safety tips while driving.

Additionally, it is crucial to obey traffic laws and signals, maintain focus on the road ahead by avoiding distractions, and ensure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts or correctly secured in car seats. By keeping all these tips in mind, drivers can be sure that they and their passengers are safe while driving on Nebraska’s roads!

Why Secure A Car Accident Attorney In Nebraska?

Car accident attorneys assure that the people in car accidents’ rights are secured. While many think that insurance companies will take care of them and their loved ones, this simply isn’t true. It’s important that, when in a car accident, those involved reach out to a car accident attorney for help.

Common injuries sustained from automobile accidents in Nebraska are broken bones, whiplash injuries, spinal cord damage, and head trauma. If these types of injuries occur due to another driver’s negligence or fault, then it is important that the responsible party be held accountable. This is where having an experienced car accident attorney comes into play. They can help guide victims through the process of filing their claims and seeking justice for their losses.

In order to file a lawsuit against another driver after an auto collision in Omaha or any other county within the state, one must first understand how fault is determined by law enforcement officials at the scene of the crash. It is also critical to become familiar with insurance coverage laws in Nebraska. However, this is a very complex system that many drivers don’t know the first thing about. That’s why it’s so important to seek the assistance of a car accident attorney for guidance. Furthermore, it is essential for injured parties to be aware of statutes of limitation concerning when claims must be filed before expiring under state law – typically two years from the date of the accident – so that victims do not miss out on potential compensation for their losses due to untimely filings or missed deadlines altogether!

Benefits of Securing a Car Accident Attorney

Securing a qualified car accident lawyer has numerous benefits, including understanding the rights of those in the accident under Nebraska law, knowing how to determine fault after an incident, familiarity with insurance coverage laws, gathering evidence at crash scenes, and negotiation skills when dealing with insurance companies.

Access to free consultations with experienced attorneys who specialize in car accident cases allows those involved to stay informed about the case status throughout its duration. This allows them to take action if necessary.

All these advantages make hiring legal counsel highly recommended following such unfortunate events: they provide peace of mind while guiding claimants toward justice and the rightful compensation they deserve!

Count On a Car Accident Attorney

If another driver was clearly at fault for the accident, then many people believe they don’t need legal representation. Yet, many accidents end up being complex legal matters. It’s possible that the motorist who caused the accident didn’t do anything wrong. Furthermore, they could go as far as to blame others. Worst of all, an insurance company can attempt to minimize, postpone, or reject damage claims to protect its financial interests.

This is why it’s so important that drivers have a knowledgeable attorney on their side to protect their interests. The responsibility will then be on the attorney to track down the proof needed to back up injury claims. The Demerath Law office attorneys are skilled in negotiating with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to obtain the funds that the other driver has coming.

Benefits Of Securing A Nebraska Car Accident Attorney

When involved in a car accident in Nebraska, it is essential to secure legal representation. An experienced Nebraska car accident attorney, such as Demerath Law Office, can provide many benefits to help ensure that their clients get the settlement they deserve. Their experienced attorneys understand the varying laws in Nebraska related to automobile accidents and are ready to assist clients in filing all required paperwork and documentation.

These lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the legal process related to an auto accident and will work hard to advocate for their clients’ best interests, even when facing insurance companies. They will do all they can to maximize the financial compensation. These lawyers also have extensive experience representing clients in court if necessary.

Call Demerath Law Office

An attorney can make sure that evidence is preserved before it expires. They will also handle any communication with the insurance company, alleviating stress while ensuring that all relevant deadlines are met throughout the process.

Furthermore, they understand how difficult it is after a car crash and strive to provide legal representation and emotional support throughout the case. They have extensive experience handling personal injury cases and investigating crashes in detail. This allows them to explore every avenue of recovery available under the law for our clients’ cases. Their goal is always maximum compensation for any injuries or losses suffered due to an auto accident.

Hiring a car accident attorney from Demerath Law Office is a personal injury attorney for anyone involved in an automobile crash in Nebraska. Not only do their experienced attorneys have extensive knowledge of the state’s laws and regulations related to car accidents, but they also understand how difficult this situation can be for victims and their families. Their team strives to provide compassionate yet knowledgeable representation at every step of the process, from gathering evidence to negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of clients.

When residents of Nebraska have been in an auto accident, they need to contact Demerath Law Office. They can help get the compensation their clients deserve.

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