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Trolls Criticize Doja Cat Over ‘Satanic’ Tattoo


Doja Cat, the queen of controversies, is back at raising critics’ blood pressure with her shenanigans.

Given her artistic lineage with a graphic designer for a mother and a celebrated South African artist for a father, it is no surprise that the songstress is hailed as a versatile entertainer. Outside music, the 27-year-old makes waves for her unique fashion sense and unorthodox social media presence. 

One thing fans can expect from the Grammy winner is her unpredictability, as she does not conform to society’s norms. Illuminati rumors have plagued the chart-topper because of her eccentric actions, and these speculations recently flared up over the media personality’s latest tattoo.

Trolls Criticize Doja Cat Over Her Alleged Ties To Satan Because Of Her Tattoo 

Doja cat wears a Blue leather outfit with a bunch of Dark Colored Grapes in her hand at Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris

In a recent Instagram post, the “Women” singer sparked a tirade of insults from her followers by sharing a tattoo with suspicious origins. The unexpected image came after the showstopper graced fans with a magnified snap of her dentition.

The artwork featured a detailed illustration of a mythical creature composed of incongruous parts. The hybrid consisted of human and animal characteristics with a female body, a horse-like head, one clawed foot, and a hoofed foot.

The creature’s body was decorated with scales, while its tail resembled the head of some bird. The tattoo was completed by the number four drawn in bold black ink by the animal’s clawed foot.

Doja Cat unveils new tattoo that fans tag as demonic

Doja captioned this eerie post, “purging you,” perhaps referring to the hit thriller franchise with the same name. However, fans began losing sleep over her cryptic message, as most were disturbed by the entertainer’s demonic-looking tattoo.

“I don’t like her no more bc wtf she got going on? She’s literally in places where they burned and skinned people alive, and she has a goat tattoo that represents the devil,” a conspiracy theorist claimed.

“Going to unfollow u now cause I’m tired of seeing this weird demonic shit on my page,” a second person echoed, while a third chimed: “Pray for Doja. She needs God.” More people aired their decision to unfollow the Popstar, while others lamented missing the “old Doja.”

Religious followers condemned the post as an act of satanic worship, slamming devotees who believed the “Wine Pon You” singer’s tattoo was simply an artistic expression with no deeper meaning.

Doja Cat claps back at fans who call her new tattoo demonic

“Possession is real & Demons make you think you like that stuff; it’s hypnotic,” a social media user warned. “That’s not who Doja Cat was. If you were real fans who cared, you would’ve seen her signs and would’ve helped her.”

Another individual concluded, “Not just ignore or follow her pain. It’s never too late, tho, and no one’s ever too lost to be restored & healed. That’s why God exists.” Following the media outrage, the Tarzana native defended her tattoo in a second Instagram post that revealed the illustration’s origins.

The carousel captioned “your fear is not my problem” contained an article snippet that explained that the five-time AMA winner’s artwork was a drawing from the 1665 edition of Fortunio Liceti’s book, “De Monstris.”

Doja Cat claps back at fans who call her new tattoo demonic

Originally shared without illustrations in 1616, the work focused on deformities in nature. While others saw these creatures as “monstrosities,” the Italian philosopher did not “see deformity as something negative.” Instead, Liceti wrote this message about his unique drawings:

“It is said that I see the convergence of both Nature and art because one or the other not being able to make what they want, they at least make what they can.”

Doja Cat claps back at fans who call her new tattoo demonic

The Billboard Music Award Honoree Clapped Back At Haters For Misinterpreting Her Tattoo

After being tagged as another celebrity inducted into the Illuminati, the “So High” singer reacted to fans’ criticisms on her Instagram Story with a series of taunting messages, “F**k you and f**k what you believe, b***h,” the entertainer began.

“And I f****d your mom b***h,” the 27-year-old continued her insults, adding that she was unbothered by the speculations about her ties to the devil. “Satan said thanks for all the buzz,” she wrote in a third post before concluding: “Goodnight, p***y.”

Doja Cat claps back at fans who call her new tattoo demonic

In her final message to haters, the “Juicy” artist reposted a quote that reaffirmed she would continue to express herself the way she liked regardless of the public’s opinions.

“Creative, your art is more important than your audience. It makes sense to prioritize creation over being visible,” the message read. Additionally, Doja took her clap-back to fans’ outside Instagram, dropping another message on Twitter.

“If ur calling me demonic, honestly, werk cuz like I love that u ate fr,” the media personality penned. When someone called out the entertainer for disrespecting their religion, the Tarzana beauty responded: “u ate SUS.”

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