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Vanessa Lachey Sends Paul Flowers After Heated ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion


Vanessa Lachey Reacts to Paul Peden Accusing Her of Bias at Heated LiB Reunion

Vanessa Lachey and Paul Peden
Shutterstock; Netflix

After putting the season 4 cast of Love Is Blind in the hot seat, Vanessa Lachey has found herself under fire.

Paul Peden revealed on Monday, April 17, that the 42-year-old host sent him flowers following their heated exchange about his split from Micah Lussier on the reunion stage.

“Thanks for acknowledging the accidental misleading @vanessalachey,” the 29-year-old reality star wrote via Instagram Stories alongside a snap of the bouquet.

Paul previously went off on Vanessa — who cohosted the Sunday, April 16, reunion with husband Nick Lachey — during an interview with Entertainment Tonight after he felt she took Micah’s side when pressing the former couple about why they didn’t wed.

“I was like, ‘F—k man.’ They kept drilling, drilling it down on me,” Paul told the outlet on Sunday. “I think I said my piece. I think Vanessa might have had a little bit of personal bias in that scenario or at least I kind of detected that. I don’t know. But that’s just my assumption based on how she continued to drill into it after I gave my full rationale for why I felt the way that I did.”

Netflix viewers who tuned into the reunion — after technical difficulties prevented many fans from not being able to watch live on Sunday — saw Micah, 27, get emotional when Vanessa asked a question about Paul’s remarks that he didn’t see his then-fiancée as the mother of his children.

“I think it was extremely reductive in the way that they dismissed all nuance and complexity in why I said no,” he told ET. “It was framed as, the reason that I said no was that she wasn’t able to fill a mothering role and a nurturing atmosphere and whatever. That was one piece of the puzzle. It was incredibly complex, but that was the answer. That was the reason why. And that’s just a fraction of the story.”

During an interview with People, Paul compared his reunion experience to an “interrogation.”

“I thought that I detected a little bit of personal bias there. I’m not sure what it was And I guess she’s within her right to drill on personal bias, but she shouldn’t present as being an objective neutral party if that’s the case,” the scientist said. “But I think it’s fair to continue follow up questions. But if we’re going to go that route, we need to be able to have a full length conversation.”

Vanessa Lachey Reacts to Paul Peden Accusing Her of Bias at Heated LiB Reunion
Courtesy of Paul Peden/Instagram

As social media users continue to express their feelings about the reunion, Vanessa has disabled commenting on her most recent Instagram post about the special.

“We all know *exactly* what Paul meant when he said Micah wouldn’t make a good mom. Vanessa Lachey is making drama out of nothing. #LoveIsBlindReunion,” one person tweeted.


Another user wrote, “The fact that Zack had to interject and defend Paul during the reunion, bc Vanessa Lachey was too busy grilling him instead of Micah is INSANE. You can tell she was pissed by that. #LoveIsBlind #LOVEISBLINDreunion.”

A third viewer tweeted, “Are Vanessa and Micah personal friends?? Why is she so set on giving space for Micah to play the victim and hold Paul to the fire like this?”

Love is Blind Season 4 Cast Reunion

(L-R) Marshall Glaze, Irina Solomonov, Nick Lachey, Micah Lussier, Vanessa Lachey, Paul Peden, Tiffany Pennywell, Brett Brown, Chelsea Griffin, Kwame Appiah, Zack Goytowski, and Bliss Poureetezadi at Sunset Bronson Studios for the Love is Blind season 4 reunion.
Adam Rose/Netflix

A fourth fan questioned if the actress only sided with the female cast members, pondering if she had “hidden beef” with Paul, Zack Goytowski and Marshall Glaze.

Other fans, however, praised Vanessa’s skills.

“Under the circumstances, I think Vanessa & Nick did a good job hosting tonight. Some of these tweets are so cruel. Be kind people!” a fan wrote.

“Shiii, I personally think they did a good job and tried their best to [hold] those folks accountable,” another fan tweeted. “Not their fault if the answers weren’t what WE wanted to hear. Some of you are a bunch of haters…”

Love Is Blind season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.

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