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Who Will Be Harris Michaels Next Love Interest on ‘Days of our Lives’ – Hope Exits Soon [VIDEO]


Harris Michaels will stick around on Days of our Lives but he’s about to be single — so will the Peacock soap pair Steve Burton‘s character with someone new?

This is a transcript of our Days video about Harris Michaels’ next love on the Peacock soap now that his current gal pal’s leaving with her not dead husband.

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Harris Michaels sticks around after Hope Brady Breakup on Days of our Lives

Hey there, Peacock Soap fans. Today, I wanna talk about Harris Michaels, who is sticking around on Days for a while. Steve Burton signed a one-year contract.

And that really intrigues me right now because Hope Brady and Bo Brady only filmed 12 to 15 episodes. I think the final number was 15. And Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell are leaving Days of our Lives again.

So, what that means is Harris and Hope are not going to last long at all. And of course, everybody is there to see Hope get back with Bo Brady. But he’s on this little Kiriakis power trip thing right now.

But it seems like with just a few episodes left for them, either they will go in different directions, maybe to reunite later. Or they’re gonna get them on the fast track to a romantic reunion.

That being said, with Hope Brady gone but Harris staying, it seems like we need a romantic partner for him… So, I’ve got some possible names that I want you to think about as a potential romantic interest for him.

#1 Will Eve Donovan Return to Days of our Lives for Harris Michaels?

The first lady to consider is, of course, Harris Michael’s old love interest from way back when on Days of our Lives. That’s Eve Donovan. Right now, Eve is in prison because she blew up Ben Weston and Ciara Brady’s wedding.

Eve tried to brainwash Ben into being the Necktie Killer again, you know, bad girl stuff. But we also know that convicted felons get outta prison all the time in Salem. All they have to do is have some money to bribe whatever corrupt governor is currently signing pardons.

Dr. Rolf is out. Orpheus got out. No problem. So, the other reason Eve Donovan’s name comes up is because of a clue about the actress. Last we saw her, Kassie DePaiva was in the role.

But Charlotte Ross, who played Eve back in the day, posted a photo on her Instagram with a call back about Eve. People got excited thinking that she was hinting she might be back to DOOL as Eve. Given Harris’ return, that could be wild.

Then, a fan directly asked her that and she said she’s had a few conversations with them. That was a while ago that she posted that, but we also know that Days of our Lives tapes four to six months ahead.

So, she could have already been talking to them and had filmed scenes when she posted that teaser. So right away, Eve Donovan is a possible romantic choice for Harris, but a lot of people are not gonna want her back. But heck, she’s a lot of fun.

#2 Chloe Lane Might be Ready for New Love on DOOL

So, the next person on my list is Chloe Lane. And of course, Chloe really has a thing for Brady Black. But his monstrous little daughter, Rachel Black, is making things impossible for them. That could work out well for Harris…

Little Rachel pushed Chloe to the extremes the other day, to the point that she told Rachel she hated her. And she said it right in front of Brady. And then to make things worse, Chloe’s been hanging out with Xander Cook, whom Brady despises on Days of our Lives.

Chloe and Xander just kissed in front of Gwen to make her jealous. But it might be good for Brady to see that too. So the bottom line is just because Chloe cares about Brady, it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna work out.

So, she could be a possible romantic interest for Harris. Since she’s friendly with dandy Xandy, maybe a reformed hottie like Harris Michaels will appeal to her.

#3 Sloan Petersen Adds Harris Notch to her Bedpost on Days of our Lives?

Another person that could be single soon is sketchy lawyer, Sloan Petersen. Right now she’s dating former father Eric Brady, but things are hitting a rocky patch between them.

That’s because he doesn’t like her fixation on revenge. And he thinks she’s taking things too far and he’s not entirely certain that she’s not the one harassing Paulina Price and Chanel Dupree on Days of our Lives.

So, it could be very soon that Sloan gets shown her walking papers by Eric. But maybe Harris comes around and likes the look of her and she definitely likes an older guy, so that could be exciting for her and Harris both.

#4 Would Harris Michaels Date Sami Brady on Peacock Soap?

Now, another name we have on the list as a possible match for Harris is somebody who does short-term returns. But she generally doesn’t stick around for too. But it still could be fun. And that is Sami Brady.

Right now, she’s away. And remember she left hot on the heels of finding out that Lucas Horton kidnapped her and then he confessed. Now, he is in Statesville. And she’s furious that EJ DiMera set up housekeeping with Nicole Walker.

So, when Sami comes back, she isn’t gonna have a romantic partner because Lucas is still in jail for a while. Plus, there’s that whole, you kidnapped me and I only found out at our wedding issue.

When she inevitably comes back, maybe Harris Michaels will catch her eye. She’s not someone to judge a guy for being bad given how bad she’s been herself.

EJ is probably still gonna be with Nicole. So, Sami could be a very good love interest for Harris. And it would be great to make the other men in her life jealous, so that could be a lot of fun.

#5 Jada Might Like Steve Burton’s Character on Days of our Lives

The last person on my list to consider paring with Harris is Jada Hunter. She’s the newest detective on the Salem Police Force. Although, we saw Jada and Rafe confessing romantic feelings for each other recently.

And they’re gonna think about exploring dating outside the office but he’s her boss. Even if Jada gets into a full-blown romance with Rafe Hernandez, let’s be real. The man cannot keep a woman in his life.

He has got the unluckiest streak in love in Salem of anyone that I can think of. So there’s no doubt that Jada could be single soon. Even if she’s also in a relationship with Rafe soon, I predict it won’t last.

Now, Harris Michaels stays in Salem for a year — or possibly longer if they want him. And if Steve Burton decides to stick around longer… Harris definitely needs a love interest.

So, our quick rundown of possible matches are Eve Donovan, Chloe Lane, Sloan Petersen, Sami Brady, and Jada Hunter. What do you think? Who would you like to see with Harris?

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