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Yohan Geronimo to Daniele Gates: You RUINED My Birthday!


On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Yohan Geronimo humiliated Daniele Gates at his birthday party.

She planned the party, and she gathered his whole family to celebrate him.

It was not enough, he told her. According to Yohan, Daniele had “ruined” his birthday … even though he loved the party.

Daniele walked away in tears, reconsidering her move and her marriage.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4, Episode 11 actually started things off on a positive note for Daniele and Yohan.

She admitted that her husband had been somewhat cranky over the past week.

However, when Daniele peeled and treated a coconut for a peacemaking ritual in their home, she managed to liven things up.

Yohan looks on with bewilderment and then amusement as his tiny American wife softly kicks a coconut around the perimeter of their home.

As viewers are very well aware, the two of them rarely see eye-to-eye when it comes to religion. It’s a recurring issue for them.

And yet, Yohan seems entertained. He then takes a step that viewers, frankly, did not expect from him.

Not only did Yohan express amusement, but he actually participated.

He later admitted to the camera that it was less about spirituality and more about just wanting to kick the little coconut around. It was a cute moment.

And, as far as mornings go, it was a very positive beginning for his birthday.

Daniele had big (secret) plans for Yohan’s birthday. So she went out to pick up a cake for him.

For reasons that only Daniele seems to know, she had not ordered the cake in advance. She just . . . expected to find a sheet cake of the right size, and for there to be someone available to write on it.

That is often not the case in the United States. Not everyone in a bakery has the training or coordination to write in frosting. Clearly, the Dominican Republic works the same way. Daniele felt astonished and downright indignant.

Eventually, Daniele’s insistence convinces the bakery employee to allow her to write on the cake herself. That’s a weird thing to request, but the whole thing was odd.

Again, Daniele could have avoided all of this awkwardness if she had ordered her cake in advance.

Instead, she got a very small cake for a sizable crowd (and her giant husband).

Ostensibly, Daniele took Yohan on a simple trip to the beach for his birthday. But it ended up being more than that.

It was a surprise party. There were balloons and the cake. She went all out

Daniele had also gathered Yohan’s entire family to celebrate. That, it turned out, was a big deal.

As Yohan revealed to the camera, this birthday was a first for him.

He had never had all of his family in one place for his birthday.

A lot of adults don’t celebrate birthdays with family, but … never? Oh dear, that was kind of a bummer.

Was Yohan appreciative of all of this? Yes and no. He certainly seemed happy with the party.

Yohan thanked his family for attending. He also expressed his thanks to God for another year of life.

Then, Yohan chose to thank God for “the surprise.” It sure seemed like he was forgetting to thank someone.

Viewers were not the only ones who noticed. Yohan’s father, Guillermo, called out from the table: “Thanks to your wife, Daniele!”

Yohan responded by claiming that he had “already thanked” Daniele, something that he said without really looking at her.

Even if Yohan actually had already thanked her, that would have been weird.

Daniele did not make a scene. It was already a weird situation, as even some of the kids seemed to have picked up on how weird things were.

Yohan had left her with two choices: remain seated at the table and cry, or quietly excuse herself and walk away.

She wisely chose the latter.

To his credit, Yohan did eventually get up and follow his wife to try to gauge how she was feeling. The answer? Not happy.

Daniele calmly explained how she felt that Yohan did not appreciate her — not just for the party. But, clearly, also that.

The humiliation at dinner was only the latest incident. And Daniele struggled to understand why he was treating her this way.

Yohan then told her that she had ruined his birthday. And no, not because of the party.

He shared that she had preemptively ruined his birthday the day before.

Now, that’s possible. Sometimes, people inadvertently hurt the ones they love. But there are unreasonable ways to feel hurt.

Yohan’s gripe? Daniele’s friend. Yes, he was somehow still perseverating over the guy she used to date who would soon be in the DR and wanted to say hello.

Daniele wasn’t asking to bone him. She also wasn’t telling Yohan that she was going to meet the guy one-on-one, even though that would be very normal for most Americans.

Instead, she invited Yohan — her husband — to meet her friend. In Yohan’s mind, her friend being a man and particularly a man whom she once dated, was some sort of insult.

Viewers understand that there are cultural differences at play. But it can be hard to see things from Yohan’s perspective. (And not just because he’s so tall)

Daniele felt hurt and betrayed and, of course, deeply disrespected. She broke down sobbing.

She reminded him that she has rearranged her entire life to be with him, because he is her husband and she loves him. And he’s snubbing her in front of his family. Why?

Heartbroken, Daniele headed for the car. She needed to go back home.

While Yohan celebrated his birthday at the party that she planned, with the cake that she bought, with the family that she invited,

Daniele found herself second-guessing a lot of her choices. Is this marriage to Yohan how she wants to spend her life?

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