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‘Young and the Restless’: How Phyllis Could Get Away with Everything


Young and the Restless spoilers see Phyllis Summers stabbing her co-conspirator to death after having second thoughts about her scheme – and we know how she could get away with it all. Check out how Red could lie her way out of the corner she’s painted herself into on the CBS soap opera.

This is a transcript of our Y&R video all about how Phyllis could get out of this scrape unscathed! Check out all our soap spoilers podcasts here and be sure to follow us on YouTube as well.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers Faces Dire Consequences

Hey Y&R soap opera fans. Today, we need to talk about Phyllis Summers. Specifically, we have a way that Phyllis can get back to her family and get away with everything that she’s done.

We’ve figured out how she can come out pretty much unscathed. Of course, we don’t know if Y&R writers have figured it out. Or if they’re gonna go someplace a little less logical.

But based on the recent events, including Phyllis murdering Jeremy Stark this week, there is a lot to unpack. And there are several ways this could go on Young and the Restless.

Yet we have figured out a path that could take Phyllis right back to where she wants to be. Getting revenge, Stark out of her hair and everything working out, and her kids not being mad at her. How can that possibly happen? We’ll tell you.

Red Has 3 Big Issues on Y&R That Could Ruin Her Life

Now, let’s dig into this. Right away, Phyllis Summers has three issues. #1 is Jeremy Stark was a problem. #2 is this persistent itch for revenge against Diane Jenkins that she still can’t give up. And #3, she knows her kids are going to hate her.

Problem number one, Jeremy Stark, is over as of the Monday US Young and the Restless episode. This already aired on Friday in Canada, and we’re gonna see it on the Monday episode.

Depending on when you’re listening to this. It might vary in your personal timeline, but the bottom line — as we predicted at Soap Dirt, — Jeremy Stark has had it with Phyllis. She wants to go back to town and confess because she doesn’t want to hurt her kids.

And he threatens to kill her, which is what we predicted would happen. That he might actually consider killing her. Because the bottom line is, if Phyllis goes back and confesses, maybe she’ll do a little time behind bars.

She tampered with evidence, burned an ambulance, whatnot — bribed public officials. But she’s not gonna do hard time. Let’s face it. Michael will get her off of any serious charges.

The greater problem is that Jeremy Stark is a felon, and he’s on parole. And if he gets tangled up in her criminal charges, he could go away for a very long time. He is not willing to risk it. And he made that clear on Young and the Restless.

You can listen to this article here:

Phyllis Killed Jeremy Stark on The Young and the Restless

On Monday’s episode, when Phyllis Summers starts lying, she says I’ll leave town with you, we can go away… He figures out she’s lying and he grabs up a pair of scissors and he’s going to stab her.

But Phyllis gets the best of him and stabs him. So it’s a little stabby-stabby bloody action. And she gets blood splatter on her. But she manages to wrap him up in a shower curtain and she is dragging Jeremy’s body out.

So here’s question one. This could have gone a whole different way. Once you see this, you’ll have the same question. At the point that she stabbed him, clearly in self-defense, why didn’t Phyllis just call 911 on Young and the Restless?

Young and the Restless: Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) - Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford)
Y&R: Jeremy Stark & Phyllis Summers | CBS

She could say, oh my gosh, this crazy man kidnapped me and I had to kill him to get away. And then, Phyllis Summers could have made up something from there. She could have blamed the entire setup on Stark and said that he had snatched her away, you know?

But she didn’t do that. Instead, she wraps him up in a shower curtain and drags him out. Although, it’s funny to think about skinny Michelle Stafford dragging a big guy like James Hyde anywhere — but she does it.

So that’s her big overwhelming problem one taken care of. Starks out of the way, and she has obviously gone off to dump his body.

Revenge Against Diane Jenkins Still a Priority on CBS Soap Opera

Now for her revenge thing against Diane Jenkins. The best outcome for Phyllis is if Diane rots in jail away from Jack Abbott, away from everybody. But Phyllis doesn’t want to be seen in a bad light and she doesn’t have her kids mad at her.

So we have come up with a path that could work for her on Young and the Restless. Where she could go forward and have a plausible explanation for all of the events to where she looks like a victim and not the perpetrator.

And Diane still stays in prison. Let’s dig into this. I’ll tell you what we think she could do. Not clear if Y&R writers are going this path. Generally, their writing is pretty sloppy.

But we’ve run this through several people in the Soap Dirt writer’s room to ask, do you think this is plausible? They agree. Here it is. Phyllis could come back to town acting traumatized and say Diane was the one working with Stark and they kidnapped her.

And then Diane and Stark burned the ambulance and everything so everybody thought that Phyllis Summers was dead. And the poison and everything that was found looked like it was purchased by Diane.

She could explain that away because Diane bought it as part of the plot. And she can even try to claim that Diane and Jeremy have been running a long con on everyone and that they were after money and all this kind of stuff.

Phyllis Could Make Excuses for Marrying Stark on Young and Restless

So what about the fact of Phyllis Summers marrying Jeremy on Young and the Restless? She can say that he was conning her and lying to her and took advantage of her vulnerable state. Which is what everybody thinks he did anyway.

So she could simply reaffirm those sentiments and basically say that he lied to her and gaslit her and tricked her into marriage. And that he was after her money all along.

Then, she can say that what happened was that the police figured it out. And they have the right person. They have Diane. And then the other missing piece of the equation is Jeremy.

And what she can say is that Jeremy was supposed to torture her to get Diane’s revenge and then he was going to kill her and take her money. What helps this case is that Jeremy has already wired some of Phyllis’s money to an account in the islands.

So if she hides his body, well, she can sell it that she escaped from Stark and that he took off out of the country. Of course, she’s not worried because she knows he’s never gonna come back because she is going to go hide his body.

And while it’s a little sloppy… of course this doesn’t quite tie up all the loose ends. None of the Young and the Restless plots ever tie up all the loose ends.

Will Red Lie and Say Stark Conspired with Diane on Y&R

Already, people think that Diane might have been conspiring with Stark, and people are very willing to believe that Stark is responsible for this.

So Phyllis Summers could come back, play the victim and say that Stark kidnapped her on Diane’s orders. And Phyllis can say she barely escaped with her life. And that as far as she knows, he took the money and ran.

That way Phyllis never has to come clean to her kids about faking her death and breaking their hearts. Because that’s gonna be a problem even though she told Jeremy, in the conversation before their life-or-death scenario that she could get forgiveness.

She said Diane played dead for 20 years and was forgiven. She says, I’ve only been dead for a couple of days, so they (Summer Newman and Daniel Romalotti) will forgive me. But they might not. Especially because Kyle is going to explode because this whole scenario is screwing up his marriage.

Her road to forgiveness if the truth comes out, is going to be a very slim one. I tend to think because Phyllis is pretty clever that she might come back and try to throw all of this on Stark. Because the bottom line on Young and the Restless is he can’t say anything. He’s dead.

And if Diane faces accusations that she was plotting with Jeremy, then you know all she’s gonna do is say, oh no, I didn’t do it. Well, of course, that’s what she would say, whether she did it or not.

Will Phyllis Summers Get Away with Everything on Young and the Restless?

The bottom line is Phyllis could even say that Jeremy was supposed to kill her, that Diane hired him to kill her, but that he decided to kidnap her instead. So that way she can set up Diane as first-degree murder or murder for hire, or whatever.

And that Jeremy pulled an end run because he was gonna take Phyllis Summers away with him. They can explain all that, but the bottom line is there is this little path that Phyllis could follow and get away with everything.

And keep watching because on Monday you’re going to see Phyllis get the better of Jeremy after he makes one threat too many and comes at her with scissors. She’s gonna do a little stabby action and then wrap his corpse up in a shower curtain.

Let’s hope the villain Stark is dead and he’s not gonna pull one of those, you know, horror movie Halloween things where you think he’s dead and then you come back and the shower curtain’s empty and the corpse is gone.

But that could be a fun twist too. Stay tuned for tons more on Young and the Restless here at Soap Dirt.

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