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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Spotted Vaping On A Grocery Run


Tammy Slaton, the star of the TLC reality series, ‘1000-Lb Sisters‘, was recently spotted breaking multiple of her health rules on a grocery run with her sister Amy. The photos showed Tammy vaping as she and Amy moved to their car with bags of junk food and toys.

Tammy had previously stopped smoking, drinking, and vaping after spending almost 14 months in rehab. The reality star lost nearly 300 pounds during that time, cutting her previous size in half.

She also had bariatric surgery to assist her weight loss, which has helped her lose 150 pounds. Since her return from rehab, Tammy has moved into a new apartment, which has been in her family for years. 

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Tammy Slaton Was Spotted On A Walmart Grocery Run

'1000-LB Sisters' Star Shares Shocking Photos With Tracheostomy Tube

According to photos obtained by the U.S. Sun, Tammy and her sister Amy were recently spotted on a grocery run to Walmart. The images showed the pair arriving at the grocery store near their Kentucky town for Easter shopping.

In the photos, Tammy was hooked up to her oxygen tank as she rode her electric scooter while Amy walked beside her. The sisters were in the supermarket for almost two hours and emerged with multiple carts full of sweets, toys, chips, and various drinks.

Photos shared by the publication also showed Tammy taking a drag from her electric vape as she moved around the parking lot. The news that she’s still vaping many upset fans, who believed the reality star had honestly quit.

She Previously Quit Smoking After Rehab

'1000-LB Sisters' Star Shares Shocking Photos With Tracheostomy Tube

A previous report by The U.S. Sun stated that Tammy had quit smoking after she completed an almost 14-month stay at a weight loss rehab clinic. A source at the time claimed that the reality star had refrained from smoking, alcohol, and vaping for over nine months and had conquered the addiction.

Previous episodes of “1000-Lb Sisters” featured Tammy’s revelations that she once drank eight bottles of alcohol weekly. She was also open about constantly eating junk food and vaping, all of which had her doctors scared for her health and life. In the finale for season three, Tammy had a scary episode where she stopped breathing after a party.

Tammy Slaton Lost Almost Half Her Weight

By the time she completed her 14-month stay in the Ohio rehab clinic, Tammy had weighed about 400 pounds, almost half her previous weight. She’d previously weighed about 700 pounds, which meant Tammy had lost a surprising 300 pounds successfully.

The weight loss was also spurred by Tammy’s decision to admit herself back into rehab in 2021. A friend of the reality show told the U.S. Sun, “When Tammy was first in rehab, she needed to reach her goal weight of 550 pounds from around 700 pounds to be approved for her bariatric surgery.”

By season four of the TLC show, Tammy had reached the required weight for her bariatric surgery and was approved. She had it done in the Summer of 2022, and friends have now claimed that the reality star has lost about 150 pounds after the surgery.

She’s Moved Into A New Home

After returning home to Kentucky, Tammy moved into a new place, a two-bedroom apartment, a family property. According to records the U.S Sun obtained, the site had been in Tammy’s extended family for more than 18 years.

A family member reportedly decided to assist Tammy with the home because her former place was broken into and robbed. The two-bedroom apartment is about 10 miles from her old home and comes with modest space and both front and back porches with a great view.

The home also has a fenced backyard, with space for Amy’s kids, Glenn and Gage, to play in and make family memories. It’s more likely Amy and her kids will be spending more time with Tammy as she’s currently busy with a divorce from her husband, Michael Halterman.

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