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Adam Levine’s Mistress Sumner Stroh Drops Her First Single In Ne


Sumner Stroh is trying to capitalize off her torrid affair with Adam Levine. A new music career is her focus.

Sumner Stroh, A Mistress No More

Adam Levine's Mistress Sumner Stroh Drops Her First Single In New Music Career

Stroh was wrapped up in a vast drama last year and rolling into the new year when it was revealed that she was enjoying some entanglement with Levin, the frontman of Maroon 5. Stroh, a model at the time, claimed she had no clue the very famous Levine was married.

Not just to anyone, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. Stroh shared the story as a blind item at first, but it was quickly revealed that Levine was the man in question. She issued a public apology to Prinsloo, her kids, and her friends and family for wrapping them up in a mess.

Stroh was thriving on social media for a while, sharing pictures of her life, usually on the beach or a boat ride; she bought a home somehow and announced that. Then, she stopped posting.

Sumner Stroh Back & Singing

Adam Levine's Mistress Sumner Stroh Drops Her First Single In New Music Career

The now singer popped back up on social media at the beginning of the month and teased that she has something great coming, something she has been working on the entire maybe five months that she abandoned social media.

“Took a little break on my socials, but I’m back and have a huge announcement coming soon 👀,” she teased. And now we have it! It’s music that we at The Blast sure didn’t see coming.

Stroh posted sexy pics of herself licking a cross and writing a number on a bathroom wall. In both posts, she is oozing sex, which is probably her brand for her newly found career.

Adam Levine's Mistress Sumner Stroh Teases A Comeback With Naughty Bikini Pics

The cross-licking got to people, and they slammed her in the comments. “You’re licking a cross? Is that supposed to make you a badass or something?”

Ignoring the hate, she wrote:

“Tomorrow. Text me 832-210-1333 for the tea,” she teased in one post. Then less than 24 hours later, she shared another post that read, “My DEBUT SINGLE – LOVE TO HATE to listen everywhere NOW! Not sure how I was able to keep this a secret for so long. Pinch me!!!!!”

Is This Why Sumner Stroh Was With Adam Levine

Adam Levine and pregnant wife Behati Prinsloo are seen out in Santa Barbara after a 23 year old model claimed she had an affair with the singer and other women come forward claiming he sent flirty messages

We would be remiss if we didn’tmentionp that Stroh had an affair with a vast musician, and now suddenly she wants to be a singer. Was she hooking up with Levine knowing that music would be her next move?

It’s all so coincidental,l and some of her followers are also starting to think that. “Did you ask Adam to help you with the lyrics,” one asked. “Did Adam sponsor this?” questioned another.

“Ft. Maroon 5???” joked another follower. “What a generic way to back wagon on seven month old clout,” noted one more follower.

Another follower wasn’t so hateful. “This is very surprising. I am very impressed with your voice. I wish you the best of luck. I didn’t like what you did, but you can sing. Those are two different matters.”

Hopefully, Sumner’s new career is everything she wants it to be!

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