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Andy Cohen Wants Howie Mandel To Stay Out Of Bravolebrity Bus


Andy Cohen created a Watch What Happens Live segment to slam a confused Howie Mandel, who wants in on the Sandoval ratings.

Andy Cohen Is Unimpressed

Ariana Madix Andy Cohen Scheana Shay and Lisa Vanderpump are seen arriving on set to film Vanderpump Rules reunion

The Bravo late-night talk show host gave Mandel the “Jackhole of The Day” award to the Bobby’s World star for inviting Tom Sandoval on his “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast without really knowing much about the scandal.

It’s not the fact that the podcast host invited Sandoval on. Don’t get it twisted; the fans want to hear what the reality star says about cheating on Ariana Madix and maybe even get the apology she deserves.

The problem here is that it appears Mandel did zero prep for this interview, which annoyed Daddy Andy. He joked about Mandel “apparently [not] know[ing] what he was getting himself into.”

He took a little pleasure in the aftermath of Mandel trying to keep up. “Now Sandoval and Howie are being dragged on social media,” said Cohen.

Andy Cohen Warned Howie Mandel

Heidi Klum Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel are seen arriving at the apos America apos s got talent apos taping

In addition to the Bravo host expressing his confusion over the interview, he also warned Mandel, who may not realize how seriously people are taking this situation. “Howie, you must be careful before taking a side,” he begged. “Bravo fans are very passionate.”

Cohen then played a clip of one of Mandel’s mess-ups that pissed fans off; Mandel doesn’t know the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

At one point, Mandel stops Sandoval and asks him who Scheana Shay is after the bar owner references her in one of his many explanations. Cohen isn’t the only person confused about everything around this interview.

Why Howie Mandel?

Howie Mandel is seen arriving at apos America apos s Got Talent apos taping

After listening to the podcast, many followers wonder what possessed Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras frontman to appear on this podcast of all the podcasts out there. Lala Kent thought it was an odd choice as well.

She was among the first cast members to get online and slam the TomTom co-owner for doing a “f**king random” podcast interview. “What a weird f–king first interview,” she lamented to her IG followers late Tuesday evening.

“Like, the game show host?” she says in a snarky tone. “The one who fist bumps you because he’s scared of germs? It’s so strange and so off-brand. … What an odd choice.” Bravo is also said to be upset.

Is Tom Sandoval Fired?

Tom Sandoval is seen taking a smoke break while filming Vanderpump Rules reunion segment in Los Angeles

After the unsanctioned interview with the random comedian turned podcast host, the reality star is said to be very close to the chopping block. It “blindsided” Bravo producers. This is the second time Sandoval has spoken about the affair, and people are demanding answers.

Meanwhile, Sandoval maintains that his attraction to Leviss was “magnetic” and nowhere near intentional. Sandoval expressed that his relationship with Madix was over by then and had been since February.

“I broke up with her on Valentine’s Day,” he claims. “She was in complete denial and not accepting it.”

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