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AWS is Transforming Public Sector Businesses Worldwide


Chestnut Hill Technologies is a leading provider of Technology Consulting Services

Chestnut Hill Technologies is a leading provider of Technology Consulting Services

Over 1 million businesses have migrated to the AWS platform since its 2010 launch in the public sector business.

FORT LAUDERDALE , FLORIDA , UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ — Amazon Web Services is a secure, reliable, and innovative cloud database management platform. Companies initially invested in the AWS cloud for its impressive storage, efficiency, and cost savings. However, these capabilities have expanded significantly since the database’s initial launch in 2010.

New technologies are constantly evolving in the cloud and changing the way businesses reach, interact, and learn from consumers. AWS now offers over 200 featured services from data centers worldwide.

Some of the largest enterprises in the public sector choose AWS for their cloud database needs, including Coca-Cola, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, and countless others. McDonald’s recently stole headlines when the fast-food giant utilized AWS to develop a home delivery service in just four months. Government organizations are also utilizing AWS to improve processes for citizens.

Gartner has recognized AWS as a leading cloud database management system for eight consecutive years, due to data from the 2022 Magic Quadrant Report. This report has been developed to provide essential information about the cloud. Experts believe the cloud will continue to evolve and contribute to the public sector in numerous ways.

Chestnut Hill Technologies (CHT) recently shared its predictions for how the cloud will evolve for the public sector in 2023. One major prediction is increased access to larger-scale simulations. These live simulations, known as digital twins, allow developers to safely experiment with a system.

Recently, a group of medical students at the University of Miami showcased an impressive project that was developed using the AWS platform. During the research project, students developed a digital twin to perform simulations for medical treatment.

AWS is also making major contributions to space research and commercialization. The platform has successfully eliminated many technological barriers that once existed in the industry.

CHT Founder and Partner, Jack McCarthy, urges businesses in the public sector to take advantage of all of the resources available in the cloud. McCarthy also reiterates the importance of investing in innovative and scalable technologies.

More About Chestnut Hill Technologies
Chestnut Hill Technologies is a Boston-based technology consulting firm that helps businesses choose the best tech solutions for their unique business needs. CHT provides an extensive list of services.

CHT Premier Service List:

– Cloud Services
– Cyber Security Services
– Enterprise Planning Software (ERP) Integration
– Penetration Testing
– Risk Management
– Security Assessments
– Software Optimization
– Strategic Planning
– Other Efficient Solutions

CHT serves businesses across a wide range of industries, including banking, e-commerce, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and more. Any organization interested in learning more about AWS can reach a CHT technology consultant by calling 954-928-8281.

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