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Bella Hadid Endorses Ariana Grande’s Response To Body Shamers


Bella Hadid speaks about kindness and solidarity with Ariana Grande against body shamers.

The supermodel is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion business. From strutting down runways to gracing the covers of international magazines, the 26-year-old needs little introduction.

Apart from stealing hearts with her beauty, the Washington native supported charitable causes, frequently giving back to the less privileged. Now, the media personality uses her platform to implore fans to respect one’s journey.

Bella Hadid Sends Love To Ariana Grande For Sharing Powerful Message About Body Shaming

Bella Hadid at The Golden Heart Awards 2022-NYC

On 12 April, the Vogue cover girl took to Instagram to repost the Nickelodeon alum’s TikTok video about her body. Following the “Sam & Cat” star’s now-viral post, Hadid addressed the situation with an inspirational message to her followers.

Tagging @arianagrande alongside a white heart emoji, the 26-year-old began her caption: “You never know what someone is dealing with mentally or physically. Disease or depression. Grief or heartache. You don’t, and you will never know until you walk in a day in their shoes.”

The media personality urged fans to express their concerns about someone through kindness instead of making comments about a matter they did not understand. “Instead of unsolicited advice or opinions, judgment or aggression, just try to offer a helping hand and be kind,” the model continued.

“There is always a reason for the way people look/feel, so try to be soft, especially when you don’t know someone or what they’ve been through,” the Washington native explained, noting that people should not make assumptions about a person through their social media profiles.

“Instagram is not real, and we need to look deeper and consciously remind ourselves that each of us is just human beings trying our best,” Hadid advised her followers. “So next time someone wants to write a nasty article to make fun, or a mean comment to get some likes, just remember that.”

The runway alum concluded her message by imploring fans to be better versions of themselves by avoiding mean conversations about another person. The 26-year-old also thanked the “Into You” singer for addressing the comments about her body.

“It’s so much cooler to be kind. Love you, guys. And I love you, Ari. This is so important; I am very proud of you. It will help so many people. Thank you,” the entertainer penned.

The British Fashion Award nominee’s touching post received over one million likes from fans, alongside thousands of messages praising the supermodel for supporting the Grammy winner. Grande joined the list of commenters, writing: “I love you and your big heart !!!!!!!”

Ariana Grande Opens Up About Unhealthy Past In Emotional Video About Body Shaming

The “Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid” star’s post came at the heels of the “One Last Time” hitmaker’s TikTok. Per The Blast, the 29-year-old took time from her hectic filing schedule for the “Wicked” movie to address fans’ recent “concerns” about her body.

Despite the unsolicited attention about her looks, the “Side To Side” songstress stayed calm while discussing how it felt to be “a person with a body and to be seen and paid such close attention.”

The Brit Award winner explained, “There are many ways to look healthy and beautiful. And personally, for me, the body that you’ve been comparing my current body to was the unhealthiest version of my body.”

Ariana Grande at 2016 American Music Awards

Grande revealed that she used to depend on many antidepressants and alcohol while eating poorly, a period she described as the “lowest point” of her life. Although the entertainer was reluctant to share these dark moments, she noted that “something good might come” from being open and vulnerable. 

The “Don’t Look Up” actress implored fans not to judge a book by its cover as “healthy can look different.” According to the multi-hyphenate star, even if fans’ concerns came from a loving place, they should be careful with their words.

“You never know what someone is going through, so even if you’re coming from a loving place, that person probably is working on it or has a support system that they’re working on it with. You never know, so be gentle with each other and yourselves,” Grande said.

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