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Billie Eilish Celebrated Easter With Family & BF Jesse Rutherford


Billie Eilish’s relationship with Jesse Rutherford thrives despite fans’ disapproval!

The songstress is one of the youngest icons to grace the 21st century, with several accolades in her name. Apart from her status as an entertainment queen, the Los Angeles native lends her voice to powerful causes like animal rights and body positivity. 

Although the “Ocean Eyes” artist has stolen the hearts of millions with her music and advocacy, many were disappointed by the 21-year-old’s taste in men. Fans reaffirmed their stance against the pop star’s boyfriend following the couple’s Easter celebrations.

Fans Troll Jesse Rutherford For Spending Easter With Billie Eilish’s Family

Billie Eilish celebrates Easter 2023 with BF Jesse Rutherford

The Academy Award winner recently updated her Instagram page with a carousel of images documenting her intimate Easter gathering at home. Amongst the pictures was a subtle announcement that her boyfriend was part of the holiday.

The first slide captured the “Bad Guy” artist’s voluptuous figure, flaunting her generous bosom in an off-the-shoulder floral dress. The whimsical outfit featured puffed sleeves and a gathered bodice, while the maxi gown ended with a tiered bottom.

Adding more romantic details, the songstress paired the outfit with white fishnet stockings designed with heart-shaped pearl beads at the knees. The entertainer completed the spring look with white sneakers and cream-colored socks per her signature style.

Billie Eilish celebrates Easter 2023 with BF Jesse Rutherford

The second image was a cryptic image of a tattooed hand grabbing the seven-time Grammy winner’s thigh. Although the “COPYCAT” hitmaker did not tag her boyfriend, it was impossible not to recognize The Neighbourhood band’s frontman’s “LOVE” finger tattoos.

Eilish shared more images of her dress and Easter treats down the slideshow, including a snap of herself holding a colorful bouquet. There was also a basket filled with Easter eggs and other chocolatey goodness.

The last two slides captured the Teen Choice Award winner’s mother, Maggie Baird, giving the camera a thumbs up while rocking a floral wide-brimmed hat. Meanwhile, the final image showed the entertainer’s childhood with sticky notes revealing that Eilish’s first word was “Dog.”

Billie Eilish celebrates Easter 2023 with BF Jesse Rutherford

The “You Should See Me in a Crown” singer captioned the carousel with a string of flower emojis and a rainbow arch. Despite garnering over nine million likes and thousands of comments, the post majorly received negative responses from fans.

Since the debut of their relationship, the public has shamed the AMA winner for dating someone ten years her senior, and these critics aired their displeasure in the comment section. “They let that old ass dude into their home and also date their daughter,” an individual slammed Eilish’s parents.

“Billie, is that man bothering you?” a concerned fan asked, while a third expressed disgust over the post. “I’m sick,” the individual chimed. More folks continued dissing the couple, with someone sarcastically dropping a heart emoji alongside the comment: “The groomed and the groomer.”

Billie Eilish celebrates Easter 2023 with mom

Another individual echoed similar thoughts, blaming Rutherford for the relationship. “Bro groomed her,” the critic claimed. Meanwhile, a sweet fan appeared lost in their adoration for the Los Angeles native as the person quipped: “That my girl, stay away from her. Tattoo, man.”

The People’s Choice Award Honoree & Her BF Received Backlash For Their Instagram Debut

Last year, The Blast reported that Eilish and Rutherford’s social media debut as a couple wasn’t well-received. The lovebirds’ first Instagram picture was a snap of their Halloween costumes, a choice that left a sour taste in many mouths.

For the annual spooky holiday, the “All the good girls go to hell” artist shared several images documenting her time with the rock star. Among the photos was a shot of the pair’s joke about their age gap.

Clapping back at critics, the couple dressed up as a baby and an older man for Halloween, with Eilish wearing a childish outfit designed with colorful teddy bears. The songstress completed her costume with heavy doll makeup and a blonde wig.

Meanwhile, Rutherford took his elderly costume seriously, wearing a bald cap with tufts of gray hair along the edges. The 31-year-old rocked a matching gray mustache with a wrinkled face and old-fashioned clothes.

Following the upload, fans slammed the couple for their distasteful social media debut. Several people noted pedophilia should not be taken lightly, while others claimed the songstress would regret her costume choice when her relationship comes to a sour end.

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