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Did Jeremy Renner Finally Settle The ‘Toughest Avenger’ Debate?


Now that Jeremy Renner has pulled a real-life superhero move, the “toughest Avenger” debate must be settled!

Jimmy Kimmel crowned the “Rennervations” star with the title when he appeared on his late-night show on Monday, April 10. The declaration comes nearly four months after the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) star was crushed under a seven-ton snowplow, breaking multiple bones and undergoing a few surgeries to repair the damage. Renner has continued his recovery through intensive physical therapy sessions in his home.

Jeremy Renner Gets Crowned The “Toughest Avenger” On First Late Night Show Interview 

Since the inception of the MCU in 2008, the debate of who the toughest Avenger is has become a recurring theme. An answer was finally provided when Renner walked up the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” stage with a cane for his first late-night appearance since the January 1 incident.

The “Hawkeye” actor thrilled fans as he hugged Kimmel and gave a little dance before sitting down. The duo promptly began talking, with the 55-year-old host jokingly asking, “Was this a publicity stunt?” Renner responded, “Absolutely.”

Did Jeremy Renner Finally Settle The 'Toughest Avenger' Debate?
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

The beloved comedian then quipped, “Now, if there was any question as to who the toughest Avenger was, that’s settled now, right? Forget [Chris] Hemsworth, forget these guys; it’s you; you’re the guy.”

While the “Mayor of Kingstown” star hesitated to agree with the producer, the sentiment was shared by the hundreds of fans who took to the comment section of the conversation, which was posted on Instagram. “He’s truly my hero and inspiration for life. Jeremy is one true miracle, and I’m so glad to see him up and walking,” one fan gushed.

A second claimed that the “S.W.A.T” alum is “such a bright light!” and a third exclaimed, “What a recovery this guy has made!” “The man. The myth. The LEGEND!!!” a fourth netizen yelled, as a fifth called him a “walking miracle,” and several others dubbed him a “real-life superhero.”

Fans would recall Renner attempting to remove snow so his nephew could move his car after their family spent New Year’s together when he got crushed by his seven-ton snowplow. The actor was eventually airlifted to the hospital, where he was treated for “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries,” prompting an avalanche of support from his fanbase.

When he recovered enough to share an update on his health, the two-time Oscar nominee took to Instagram to announce that he had started physical therapy. The Blast noted that the 52-year-old wrote that the accident had changed “morning workouts” and “resolutions.”

“These 30-plus broken bones will mend, and grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens. Love and blessings to you all,” the father-of-one concluded the post, which showed him getting his leg stretched.

As expected, the comment section was filled with an outpour of love, with many wishing him a speedy recovery.

The Avenger Has No Regrets about Saving His Nephew’s Life In The Freak Snow Accident

The Blast observed that Renner was proud of saving his nephew’s life in the same snow-related accident that almost killed him. The Independent Spirit Awards nominee had shared the information when he joined Diane Sawyer for his first interview since the accident.

After disclosing that he could still recall the pain since he was awake throughout the horrifying incident, the “American Hustle” star stated, “I would do it again. It was coming right at my nephew. I would do it again.”

A visibly-emotional Renner added even though he “lost a lot of flesh and bone” through the accident, he had been “refueled and refilled with love — and titanium.” Despite that, the “The Avengers” actor counted himself “lucky” to be alive after being trapped under the heavy-duty machine for a while.

An unforgettable moment occurred when the California native forgot to activate the plow’s emergency brake when he jumped out of the cab. That mistake resulted in the machine barreling toward his adult nephew, Alexander Fries, and the actor scrambling to get back into the still-moving vehicle to prevent it from hitting him.

Unfortunately, the once-divorced celebrity got pulled and trapped beneath the plow. The nephew who appeared alongside him in the “Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph” documentary also expressed his fear of seeing his uncle lying in a pool of his blood.

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