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Dolores Catania On Ozempic For Laundry List Of Medical Issues


Andy Cohen exposed Dolores Catania for being on Ozempic, and now the reality star is clearing up her sordid medical history.

Dolores Catania Needs Ozempic

Big Pictures Presents Hotel Hendricks NYC hosted by Dolores Catania

Catania appeared on “Virtual Reali-Tea” along with co-star Rachel Fuda, clarifying why she was using Ozempic when she doesn’t look like the physical type. “There are layers,” says Catania, who knows it’s odd for her to be on Ozempic.

“I’m going through menopause, I have a thyroid issue, I have inflammation, and weight is hard to take off,” she says of the many issues hindering her body from being at its peak physical level. “And I work out, and I don’t eat crazy, and I was gaining weight, and it’s a lot of different layers. … Let’s just let everybody know.”

Catania is seen regularly on the Real Housewives of New Jersey going hard in the gym. She was one of the people who inspired Teresa Giudice to participate in a bodybuilding competition and even got her ex-husband Frank Catania to train her best friend.

Dolores Catania Didn’t Want To Look Fat

NYFW 2020 Beauty Mixer

The reality star originally shared that she utilized Ozempic on Watch What Happens Live. “I wasn’t going to come to the [‘RHONJ’ Season 13] reunion looking any bigger than anyone else, so I got on the bandwagon,” she admits.

Catania also joked that all her co-stars are on Ozempic as well. Catania said that she had no side effects from using the drug and was “Just not hungry.” She also clarified that she isn’t using Ozempic but a branch of the medication, “Mounjaro.”

She went on to share that “The reunion is in two weeks. I do have a trainer.” So, she is working out in true Dolores fashion. “You know what? It’s not just for the reunion, by the way,” she says honestly.

Catania admits that it may have been in poor taste that she bragged about using Ozempic, but she isn’t ashamed and doesn’t feel the need to hide it.

Dolores Catania Received Backlash

Big Pictures Presents Hotel Hendricks NYC hosted by Dolores Catania

The reality star was slammed online for joking about using Ozempic and, to some, making light of a severe drug. “Like, Andy and I were having like a funny kind of banter, and that’s all it meant — and I took a little hit for that,” she says on the podcast.

She knows there is a drug shortage and now realizes that the joke is in poor taste, especially for those affected by the drought. “I have never gotten so attacked in my life. And I’m OK with it … because it won’t make me be somebody I’m not and not be honest moving forward.”

“I will still be who I am regardless of what people want to say to me for it,” she says. And what she said about her co-stars was true. Newbie Jennifer Fessler also admitted to using Ozempic.

“I did lose a lot of weight,” the series newbie said. “I took peptides, and I don’t know if you’ve heard of medications associated with [peptides] that help people lose weight,” she admitted on WWHL in March.

And Margaret Josephs has also utilized the popular drug.

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