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Enhanced Robotics Unveils World’s First Consumer-Grade Exoskeleton at FIBO 2023


Enhanced Robotics’ Consumer Grade Exoskeleton: FitExo

The Next Generation Fitness Training Solution

COLOGNE, GUANGDONG, GERMANY, April 19, 2023/ — Industry-leading exoskeleton developer, Enhanced Robotics, is proud to introduce FitExo, the world’s first consumer-grade exoskeleton that is changing the game in the fitness industry. The groundbreaking product was showcased for the inaugural FIBO exhibition in Cologne, giving the first glimpse at the next generation of affordable muscle training which has already received an overwhelmingly positive response from fitness enthusiasts and athletes, alike.

Empowering New Fitness Possibilities with FitExo

At FIBO 2023, the world’s leading trade show for fitness, wellness, and health, all eyes were on the latest and greatest innovations that promote healthier lifestyles and wellbeing. The show marked the debut of the FitExo wearable, high-performance hip and leg shaping exoskeleton that revolutionizes traditional gym-based glute and leg training by overcoming the limitations of space, distance, and exercise movements.

The features and benefits of FitExo include:

• Efficient muscle training in dynamic environments and the ability to sculpt the body while burning fat

• Adjustable modes and resistance levels to sculpt muscle contours and achieve firm hips, legs, and waist muscles

• Convenience without bulky gym equipment and expensive gym memberships

• User-friendly App that utilizes an exoskeleton AI algorithm to act as a personal trainer, offering professional courses and verbal alerts during use, providing users with real-time feedback and a personal training plan

• Load-free resistance that never puts stress on hips and knees to ensure the safety and effectiveness of workouts

• Compact design and quick set-up for ease of use

Answering The Consumer Call For More Robust Fitness Training Options

FitExo was met with resounding praise at FIBO 2023 as consumers are increasingly looking for innovative, yet affordable, new ways to improve their health. At the intersection of fitness and technology, FitExo is a game-changing solution for those looking to take their training to the next level, push themselves more than ever before, and improve their overall health and lifestyle.

“FitExo represents years of dedication and hard work towards the goal of creating an advanced exoskeleton that improves the quality of life of fitness enthusiasts and those looking to take the way they train and perform to the next level,” says Leon Zhu, Founder of Enhanced Robotics. “The overwhelmingly positive response at FIBO underscores the consumer demand for the technology and benefits that FitExo delivers, and I am excited for consumers to try it out for themselves later this year.”

While fit-minded consumers will soon be able to experience the immediate benefits of FitExo, Enhanced Robotics is also catering to the more demanding needs of professional athletes with the cutting-edge Ex-07. This professional-grade exoskeleton is personalized to individual athletic requirements to provide stronger levels of smooth, adjustable resistance.

FitExo will be available for purchase via Kickstarter in May, with delivery expected beginning in September 2023. For more information about FitExo and its capabilities, please visit


Founded in 2018, Enhanced Robotics is a cutting-edge exoskeleton enterprise and the world’s first brand to develop powered exoskeletons specifically designed for consumers. By innovating a ground-breaking technological pathway for exoskeletons, Enhanced Robotics disrupts the traditional boundaries of exoskeleton applications in medical and industrial fields, successfully introducing exoskeleton technology into the consumer market and paving the way for its widespread adoption in various sectors.

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