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Fans Beg Kourtney Kardashian To ‘Protect’ Stepdaughter Alabama


Kourtney Kardashian has mommy duties to do as her stepdaughter, Alabama Barker‘s fans beg the reality star to “step up and protect” her after the 17-year-old shared some racy snaps online.

Alabama is the daughter of Kardashian’s husband and musician, Travis Barker, and former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler. The teenager recently shared a couple of videos in a thong bikini that showed her butt, sparking concerns from fans due to her age.

Alabama seemingly clapped back at her critics in a TikTok video last month, noting that she loves how she “makes the oldies mad.”

Read on for more details.

Alabama Barker Shared Risqué Photos Of Herself

Alabama Barker posing for the camera.
Instagram | Alabama Barker

Alabama, 17, shared a video of herself dancing in a bikini at Kardashian’s $ 12 million Palm Springs mansion on her Instagram story and playfully teased the side view of her butts to fans.

She also debuted another video in which she emerged from the water after swimming in the pool wearing the same bikini.

In a subsequent post, she flaunted her thigh and legs very close to the pool, while in another, she crouched a bit to tease the side of her butt, despite being dressed in a short skirt.

Fans Plead With Her Parents To Protect Her

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker seen hand-in-hand as leaving their hotel in NYC

Per The Sun, several fans of the reality star’s stepdaughter took to social media begging her to step up and “protect” Alabama following her posting of “inappropriate” content online.

A fan on Reddit wrote, “I wish her parents (or anyone) would step up and protect her.” Another fan said, “She doesn’t know any better, and I know 16-year-olds think they have it all figured out (I know I did), but at the end of the day, she’s exploiting herself or being exploited. So sad.”

“I just don’t know why these young girls are so quick to wanna grow up. Man, if I could go back to my teenage years in the 90s… In a heartbeat… all I can say is she’s not my child,” another person opined.

“Shame on her parents for letting her post inappropriate photos of herself on social media,” a fan penned.

Alabama Barker posing for the camera.
Instagram | Alabama Barker

One concerned individual tagged her father, Travis Barker, and said, “Bro, come get your daughter, and don’t call this ‘art.’” Another stated, “Honestly, how sad your parents allow this! You’re not an adult; you’re a child. Act like it!”

Several other fans threw a word in Barker’s defense, noting that it’s normal to wear a bikini and people are just sexualizing her.

One wrote, “She’s in a bikini. Just because her body is curvy doesn’t make it sexualized. You all make it sexualized, and it’s weird.”

Another said, “Crazy that the only people sexualizing her are the mad people. It’s a teenage girl in a bikini.”

Alabama Barker Doesn’t Care About Haters’ Opinions

Alabama Barker sunbathing.
Instagram | Alabama Barker

The internet personality ignored fans’ pleas and took Instagram to share more sultry images. She wore a bikini that exposed nearly her butt as she enjoyed a sunny swimming pool day.

She can be seen lying face down on a sizeable phone-themed float in a red bikini, exposing her butt cheeks.

A second post showed her leaning by the edge of a pool, her back to the camera, and her buns on display.

She captioned the post, “I feel you in my mind,” and ended the photo dump with a picture of her bikini body from far away, overlooking the California mountains.

Landon Barker Comes Under Fire For Supporting His Sister Bikini Snaps

Landon Barker
Instagram | Landon Barker

Fans were unhappy with Alabama’s older brother, Landon Barker’s, comments on her bikini photos. The “Downfalls High” actor wrote “Do you” in his sister’s comment section, which raised questions from fans. “Awkward comment on your sister’s a**,” one wrote.

Another added, “I wouldn’t comment on my sister’s post of her a** out.” A couple of other users called Landon’s comment “strange,” “weird,” creepy,” and “bizarre.”

Some fans didn’t see anything wrong with what he had to say. “No one out here understands sibling relationships, lmao,” one fan wrote supporting Landon. Another added, “Y’all are so weird. I’m pretty sure he knows that’s his sister, and he’s joking [sic]!”

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