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Fans Celebrate As Jeremy Renner Visits Jimmy Kimmel


Jeremy Renner is back on his feet, and fans are happy for him!

The actor suffered a severe accident last year and has been recuperating and keeping a low profile, leaving everyone concerned about his well-being. But his recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show proved a much-needed treat for fans, who celebrated his return to the spotlight with overwhelming excitement.

Jeremy Renner’s High-Spirited Visit To Jimmy Kimmel Draws Massive Fan Celebration

In a joint post, the popular talk show shared a short clip of the host introducing the “Hawkeye” star to the stage, saying, “Please welcome the Indestructible Jeremy Renner.” Rock music instrumentals began to play as the door leading backstage opened, and he stepped out with the aid of a cane.

Fans Celebrate As Jeremy Renner Visits Jimmy Kimmel In High Spirits
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

He was greeted with thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the audience. He appeared in high spirits, flashing a broad smile and even performing a brief dance before settling into his seat for the interview. Kimmel expressed shock at the actor’s health and asked if his accident was a publicity stunt. 

He then humorously suggested that it was clear the father-of-one was now the toughest avenger for surviving the harrowing ordeal. The post’s caption read, “Real-life superhero @JeremyRenner is here!!! 🙌💙.” In the comments, fans got extremely excited and left comments like, “HES WALKING LETS GOOOO,” and “Rockin’ that cane & making it look cool! 😘.”

This follower stated, “He’s my hero and inspiration for life. Jeremy is one true miracle, and I’m so glad to see him up and walking 😊 I’m a bit emotional right now.” Another was also happy to see him on his feet that they gushed, “So awesome to see him walking and smiling. ❤️❤️ A walking miracle right there.”

A fifth expressed intense emotion about getting “Choked up watching this!” before adding, “The fact that there was a little dance!!!?? Remarkable! Truly the toughest Son of a B on the planet! 🔥🔥.” A sixth described him as a “master class in mind over matter.” They also pointed out how impressive it was to have returned “quickly as he has from brutal, life-threatening injuries.”

Last month, the “28 Weeks Later” actor provided an update on his recovery after the unfortunate snow plow accident he experienced on New Year’s Day. In the incident, he sustained over 30 broken bones as he tried to protect his nephew from the heavy machinery. 

The Blast reported that he shared a video of himself using a treadmill to walk on social media unassisted, demonstrating his determination to regain his strength. Discussing the device, which he compared to having a cane, we captioned the clip, “Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will.”

The journey to a complete recovery for Renner has been thoroughly documented. A previous video he shared showed him sitting on a fitness machine, pedaling with one leg while using a tool and his arm to assist him in movement while resting his other leg.

Jeremy Renner Opens Up About Saving Nephew’s Life During Snow Plow Accident

The star reaffirmed that he has no regrets about rescuing his nephew during the accident that hospitalized him two weeks earlier this year. The Blast noted that he spoke about the incident and expressed his deep love for his family.

He exhibited heroic actions like an “Avenger” when he courageously saved his nephew’s life by pushing him out of an incoming snow plow path. The “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” actor had been operating the seven-ton equipment to assist his adult nephew, Alexander Fries, in removing his car from the snow after they celebrated the New Year together.

However, he had forgotten to activate the plow’s emergency brake, causing it to move toward Fries. Renner’s attempt to stop the still-moving vehicle resulted in him being pulled underneath it.

A snippet of his first public interview with Diane Sawyer was shared via ABC News’ YouTube. He revealed that he was awake throughout the horrifying occurrence and could still recall the pain. 

The “Mayor of Kingstown” star firmly declared: “I would do it again. It was coming right at my nephew. I would do it again.”

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