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Fans Slam PETA For Targeting Hailey Bieber’s Cooking Show


PETA is not on team Hailey!

Hailey Bieber can’t seem to catch a break from haters as the model continues to receive backlash for trying to live in Selena Gomez‘s shadow. The blonde beauty has been shrouded in controversies over her relationship with the multi-hyphenate star.

After the duo recently called a truce following a recent beef that fans took personally, it seems that the animal rights organization PETA is kick-starting a new troll feast. However, the public’s reaction was far from pleasant.

Fans Slam PETA For Targeting Hailey Bieber In Vegan Awareness Post

When things between team Hailey and team Selena fans finally died down, the Rhode skincare founder used the opportunity to launch her cooking show, “What’s In My Kitchen,” on YouTube. On April 13, the 26-year-old updated the account with a video of her signature chicken wing recipe.

The over 10 minutes clip captured the socialite flaunting her chef skills, looking radiant in a casual fit that accentuated her gorgeous figure. Although the runway alum successfully created the delicious meal as promised, PETA was displeased her recipe involved the use of chickens.

On its Instagram page, the animal rights organization shared a picture of the Vogue model biting into her chicken wing alongside an image of a baby chick. Imprinted on this snap was the statement: “Hey, Hailey! Meet your meat! Chicks like him need their wings. YOU DON’T.”

The nonprofit foundation reaffirmed its stance against eating animals by calling out the media personality in the post’s caption: “Severed chicken limbs are really not yummy, @haileybieber.”

PETA organization slams Hailey Bieber's cooking show

Although the majority typically support PETA’s goals, the public was appalled by the organization’s attack on the “Livin It: Unusual Suspects” star. Outraged fans flooded the comments with criticisms, slamming the speciesism opposers for embracing bullying.

“Is this not bullying?” a concerned individual penned, while another pointed out: “EVEN PETA IS TEAM SELENA LMAOOO.” More people noted that Bieber might be disliked, but she should not be bullied.

“Yeah, we don’t like her, but this is bullying,” a fan declared. “Almost everyone eats meat. Why are you attacking her for something that everyone does everyday.” A fellow anti-bully supporter called out PETA for sending the wrong message.

“Why are you doing this to her? It’s as if no other celebrities eat meat?” the individual wondered. “I’ve always been a supporter of PETA, but I will not support bullies. Any message can be put across the same way without having to shame anyone.”

Despite actively raising awareness against animal cruelty, it seemed PETA had forgotten humans are members of the animal kingdom, or perhaps their love for Gomez blinded them. “Millions of people eat meat! Are you going to post every single person! It’s ridiculous!” another fan chimed. “Be pro animals but don’t bully people!”

Others advised the organization to do better, describing their actions as “teenage behavior” and “incredibly stupid.” A few associated PETA’s message with the drama between the model and the “Wolves” singer. One person blatantly asked: “Did Selena Gomez make this post?”

An enraged individual claimed the organization was a sell-out, caring more about money than animals. “Wtf is this? I’m vegan, and this is twisted,” the person wrote. “You’re targeting her when most of the population eats meat.”

“She’s already bullied 24/7 by Selena fans. She should sue you @peta. You are not about the animals, you’re about those paychecks! This is twisted,” the fan concluded.

All About Hailey Bieber’s Cooking Show & Her Previous Attempt To Launch The Program

Before the runway star donned an apron, she previously made waves for her YouTube interview series, “Who’s In My Bathroom?” Following the show’s success, Bieber launched her cooking program as the production’s spinoff.

Regarding the new show, the 26-year-old confessed her passion for cooking in a press statement. “I’ve loved cooking and sharing meals with friends on my social channels for years,” the entertainer raved, noting that she was excited to share her favorite recipes with fans.

Before “What’s In My Kitchen” launched on April 12, Bieber previously attempted to kick-start the cooking series in 2022. Per The Blast, the “Drop the Mic” co-host announced the YouTube program on her social media accounts in December.

The socialite tried to pique fans’ interest in the show by dropping the recipe for her protein pancakes. However, the model’s followers were more interested in why the Arizona native copied Gomez’s HBO Max cooking series, “Selena + Chef.”

Many accused the TV personality of ripping off the Disney alum’s idea, but a few of the blonde beauty’s fans defended the entertainer. These supporters reminded trolls that Beiber posted cooking videos on Instagram before Gomez’s show aired/

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