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Gerard Depardieu Accused Of Sexual Assault By Multiple Women


French actor Gerard Depardieu is being accused of sexually inappropriate behavior on the set of 11 films over 16 years.

Gerard Depardieu Used Film Sets To Assault Women

Gerard Depardieu and Penelope Cruz at the 74th Venice Film Festival

French investigative news website Médiapart broke the news that 13 women are accusing the veteran actor who starred in the French version of the popular Showtime show Your Honor starring Bryan Cranston, of sexual misconduct. He has denied all of the allegations via his Paris-based lawyer.

The inappropriate conduct supposedly took place on the set of films and Tv shows like Netflix’s Marseille and the comedy Big House. Both productions were popular and received praise. Depardieu’s lawyer is slamming the allegations and the court filings as “very subjective assessments and/or moral judgments”.

In a statement released by the lawyer, he says Depardieu “formally denies all the charges likely to fall under criminal law.” In addition to the statement from Depardieu’s lawyer, Deadline is reporting that several directors and producers involved in the productions in question claim they did not see any of this behavior taking place.

Gerard Depardieu Has A Bad Rep

Gerard Depardieu and Carol Bouquet in Taormina

Médiapart is claiming that their findings are a result of several months of intense investigation after being prompted by long-standing rumors that the actor treats women poorly on set.  Some of the accusers have come forward including French actress Charlotte Arnould.

Back in 2018, the actress accused Depardieu of raping her and sexually assaulting her twice after she reached out for acting advice. Depardieu is a friend of her father.  Those charges are currently being heard in a Paris court but not before Depardieu and his team of lawyers attempted to have it thrown out.

Médiapart is also claiming that “Besides the complaint from Charlotte Arnould, we have gathered 13 accounts from women who say they were subjected to sexually inappropriate jests or proposals by the famous actor, of differing levels of gravity.”

The Accusations Against Gerard Depardieu Are Similar

Gerard Depardieu in Florence

Médiapart wrote that the details in the accusations from the different accusers all lineup and have similarities. “Across the different accounts, the same scene seemed to repeat itself. They are actresses, make-up artists, and crew members,” it claims.

The expose continues. “They attest to have been subjected to a hand on their buttock, between the legs, or on their thighs or stomach; as well as obscene sexual propositions, and sometimes insistent groaning.”

The incidents allegedly became so common that people on set began to brush it off by saying, “Oh ok, it’s just Gérard!” when newcomers or people who haven’t experienced it yet would complain.

Within these accusations, there is a mixture of accusers ready to step forward and others going into the battle by staying anonymous.

Oddly enough, Depardieu drew crossover fame back in 1994 playing a father wrapped up in his daughter’s weird love triangle while on vacation in the Bahamas. His daughter, played by Katherine Heigl tells an older man that her father is actually her lover.

This prompts her love interest to pursue her but also feels weirded out by her much older “lover”. The role isn’t aging well now that this news is dropping. While Depardieu is maintaining his innocence, 13 women all have the same story.

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