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HBO Max & Discovery Plus Launch ‘Max’ Streaming Service


HBO Max and Discovery Plus are now one!

Last summer, news broke that the two separate streaming services would be combined into one, and would feature content from both outlets. On Wednesday, Warner Brothers Discovery announced the final product would simply be called “Max.”

The new streaming service’s launch arrives three years after the launch of HBO Max. HBO Max features many of HBO’s staple programming, notable original content, classic sitcoms, and an expansive film library.

HBO Max underwent several changes in preparation for the upcoming merge; The Blast reported on several aspects, which included the removal of several titles, which were reportedly removed by Warner Brothers Discovery, per a report from Variety.

Warner Brothers Discovery previously reported their intention behind the upcoming merge was “to ultimately launch a unified streaming service, one that will carry the full breadth and depth of content from the likes of HBO, Warner Bros. and Discovery Inc.” (via The Blast).

The new streaming service is already making the rounds on social media with the help of its new hashtag, #StreamOnMax.

HBO Max And Discovery Plus Are Now One Streaming Service

According to our report, Variety also reported the removal of select titles had likely been done to reduce costs. HBO Max had also suddenly removed a list of upcoming titles from its programming schedule without warning.

Twitter users were on hand to discuss the issue after the news broke; many users were unhappy with the development, including one user who called the merge “the single dumbest decision made by any corporation in the streaming age.”

A number of writers and critics condemned several titles being removed from HBO Max, which would go on to inspire a conversation about the fickle nature of streaming services and the championship of collecting physical media.

Writer Chase Mitchell, who revealed he had projects in development with Netflix in the past, described the move as being “also jarring for anyone who makes stuff in the streaming age. I have a few things at Netflix that weren’t a big deal and the fact they could just cease to exist at any time feels insane. Good or bad, if you make something, you want it there,” he said (per The Blast).

Warner Brothers Discovery also made the decision to cancel the release of an upcoming DC film, “Batgirl,” as a result of the merge.

Actress Leslie Grace, who was slated to star in the film, spoke out about the news on Instagram. She commended the cast and crew for their effort in making the film over a seven-month shoot in Scotland.

What Are The Details About ‘Max?’

Discovery CEO David Zaslav has high hopes for Max’s potential.

“Max is the one to watch because it’s home to shows that have a supersized effect on people and culture,” Zaslav explained during its presentation launch. “It’s streaming’s version of must-see TV.” (via NBC)

Max will feature different tiers of price plans, but they will not differ from the current HBO Max price plans.

The outlet reports users will still have the option to pay $9.99/$15.99 without commercials or upgrade to an “Ultimate Add Free” plan for a few dollars more. The “Ultimate Add Free” plan will cost users $19.99, and allow them to stream in 4k resolution and download content offline up to 100 times.

“Max” will begin streaming on May 23rd!

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