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Knicks’ Julius Randle’s Son Demonstrates His Basketball Skills


Julian Shapiro-Barnum of “Recess Therapy,” the mastermind behind the internet famous “Corn Kid” recently interviewed New York Knicks’ star Julius Randle‘s son, Kyden at Madison Square Garden.

During the interview, Kyden revealed that he’s a better baller than his NBA star dad. So confident, in fact, that when his dad suggested a little one-on-one action, Kyden confidently said he would win.

Julian Shapiro-Barnum Interviewed Kyden Randle About Basketball

Kyden Randle
Recess Therapy – Instagram

Known for interviewing young children on New York City playgrounds and in parks, Shapiro-Barnum seems to hold the secret on how to get kids to say hilarious things during their interviews.

Kyden quickly opened up to Shapiro-Barnum and even gave him some solid advice.

“Do you think you’re better than your dad, Julius Randle?,” Shapiro-Barnum asked Kyden, who then screamed, “Dad, I’m better than you.” That’s when dad stepped in to say, “One-on-one, me vs. you.”

Kyden and Julius Randle with Julian Shapiro-Barnum
Recess Therapy – Instagram

Shapiro-Barnum then asked Kyden, “Do you think I could be a professional basketball player?” Kyden responded with some great advice, “You just have to keep practicing.” Kyden then grabbed a ball and showed off some of his skills on the court.

When asked if he’s proud of his dad, he of course, said yes. He also said it’s “super cool” to watch him play.

Julius then explained that it’s even cooler for him to watch Kyden play. “He’s been around me for so long, like, through my career, so he just watches and kinda fell in love with it on his own,” he said. “It’s fun just to be able to support him.”

The Knicks posted the video on their Instagram page captioning it with a familiar phrase started by “Recess Therapy’s” popular find, “Corn Kid.” “We can’t imagine a more heartwarming 1v1,” they wrote.

Recess Therapy” dropped into the comments to suggest an idea, “@nba want to start NBA KIDS with me??”

Many followers also took to the comment section to leave their thoughts on the adorable interaction. MSGNetworks wrote, “This is gold 😂😂.” One follower wrote, “Loved he said keep practicing!”

Kyden Is A Knicks Fan All The Way!

Kendra Randle and kids
Kendra Randle – Instagram

Kyden is often seen at Knicks games with him mom Kendra and sometimes his little brother, Jayce, 1. And even when he’s not at a game, he’s watching.

This past October, he proved he’s a superfan when he got emotional over a preseason game loss. In the video, Kendra is heard trying to comfort her upset son by explaining that “it’s just preseason.” But he wasn’t having it. “I don’t care it’s preseason,” he cried, to which Kendra said, “There’s still a chance.” He completely disagreed with that logic by saying, “No, there’s not. We have one more game left.”

It’s impossible to watch the adorable video and not think he really knows what he’s talking about at such a young age and is certainly passionate about it.

Kyden also doesn’t hold back when he’s at games. In a video shared by the Knicks on their Instagram page a few weeks ago, it was an opposite energy from the October video.

One follower wrote in the comments, “Young king the best answer I can tell you is that your dad is Superman the end.” Another added, “This kid is the vibe we are in now.”

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