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‘Love Is Blind’ Chelsea Griffin Reveals When She Had To ‘Walk Away’


Love Is Blind” viewers saw Chelsea Griffin form a once-in-a-lifetime connection with her fiancé Kwame Appiah during season four.

Viewers have seen the duo weather plenty of storms during their journey to the altar. During the 11 released episodes of the season, Griffin and Appiah tackle many real-life issues, including absent parents and conflicting timelines on the ‘right’ time to have children.

Griffin and Appiah have managed to move past these on-screen hurdles, but a certain issue within their relationship caused a lot of grief and sadness for Griffin: her man’s ‘pod-era’ relationship with Micah Lussier.

Lussier and Appiah formed an early connection in the pods before choosing their respective partners, (Lussier got engaged to Paul Peden), and revisited their past relationship several times throughout the season.

Griffin recently opened up about how she felt about her man’s frequent conversations with Lussier, and how she felt after realizing how vital Appiah’s connection with Lussier had been. Love may or may not be blind, but Griffin was adamant in sharing how it can be plenty heartbreaking too.

‘Love Is Blind’s Kwame Appiah Dishes On His Connection With Micah Lussier

Griffin isn’t the only party in the couple to have publicly discussed Appiah’s former relationship since the season’s release. Appiah and the other men recently sat down for a chat with Extra TV host and ‘Bachelorette’ alumna, Rachel Lindsay.

When asked about his connection with Lussier, Appiah described seeing her for the first time as being “interesting, for sure.”

He added, “I think at that point in time, I was already at the point where I knew that I’d made the right decision. It’s always going to be interesting taking all of the emotion that ‘was’ and applying it to the person that ‘is,’ and so when that happens, there is kind of a jolt, so I think there’s going to be a bit of a jolt to the mind, and that did happen,” Appiah explained.

“And it made me think like, ‘Woah, this is really interesting, it’s actually happening, I’m seeing this person,’ and I definitely had strong feelings for this person, but all in all, putting me and Chelsea into the same space, I knew that the energy was different, and I knew that it was the right energy,” he goes on to say. “And so I was beyond pleased with the way things worked out there,” he concluded.

As for Lussier, she describes her connection with Appiah as being “amazing,” but her intuition pushed her in the direction of a relationship with Peden.

“In the moment I chose Paul over Kwame, I never looked back on that. I know we had some moments, and continuing our journey, we were put in a situation where we had to see each other. You know, seeing an ex is always a little weird, I think it was for both of us. I know some of my interactions with him could be a little misleading, maybe he misunderstood it, I think maybe Chelsea did, and I think it just comes down to, you know, understanding me as a person, and how would we all be able to do that in such a short period of time?” she pondered.

What Does Chelsea Griffin Have To Say?

Her man’s “strong feelings” for his ex-girlfriend weren’t as pleasing for Griffin, to say the least.

She discussed the experience she felt after seeing Appiah’s relationship with Lussier unfold on screen with E! News.

“The way I describe it is like you’re just standing in life, you’re standing in your power, you’re doing great and someone comes at your back and stabs you,” she explained. “That’s what it feels like watching that. It’s pretty jerking and difficult.”

Griffin adds, “I don’t think I realized how deeply they connected. I was very upset,” she revealed. “I had to walk away a couple of times. I’m a real person and I have feelings.”

But, Griffin was later able to reframe her thoughts about their relationship in a mindful and pivotal way.

“It’s a juvenile male behavior,” she says, describing Appiah’s continuous discussions with Lussier. “You have to be able to stop it in its tracks because it’s lying to you. It’s not real. I think he had to realize that. In some ways, Micah and the relationship they had was what he wanted to hear, but I was really what he needed to hear.”

The duo’s wedding will be featured in this week’s season finale, which drops on Friday, April 14th! Will viewers hear Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah say ‘I do?’

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