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‘Love Is Blind’s Kwame Appiah Talks Major Marriage Stress!


Tying the knot isn’t easy when it happens traditionally. Getting married as a contestant on one of reality TV’s most unique social experiments in history undoubtedly makes the process a little harder!

“Love Is Blind” star Kwame Appiah has found this true, and he is opening up about the distinct aspects of falling in love sight unseen! Appiah, 33, initially formed a connection with 27-year-old Micah Lussier before he fell for Chelsea Griffin, 31.

Viewers have seen the duo navigate common issues while merging their lives. Appiah and Griffin have tackled difficult conversations about moving, absent parents, and finding closure with a previous relationship.

The pair’s wedding will be seen in an upcoming episode, but in the meantime, Appiah is taking to his Instagram to share where his heart is while he processes his “Love Is Blind” experience.

Appiah And Griffin Face His Mother’s Disapproval Of Their Relationship

Fans have seen Appiah meet and interact with his bride-to-be’s family, but his family has been absent from participating in the experiment.

Appiah repeatedly attempts to contact his mother on camera, only to be ignored. One of Appiah’s attempts to reach his mom managed to catch the attention of fans on social media. Last week, The Blast reported on those aspects of Appiah’s phone call that didn’t add up.

Fans were curious about Appiah’s phone being on speaker, but the audio from the call was muted. Appiah also kept his hand over the microphone to muffle the sound.

“Nah, Kwame’s phone call with his mom was in his head, lol that man just wants attention,” a fan weighed in on Twitter. “and a reason to say ‘no’ to Chelsea at the altar.”

“Okay, is it just me, or does us not being able to hear Kwame’s [mom’s] voice on that phone call mean she didn’t consent to be on the show [shifting eyes emojis] combined with the fact that she isn’t on board with the marriage I feel like this spells doom for Chelsea and Kwame,” another fan theorized.

Will Appiah and Griffin Be Able To Overcome His Mother’s Apprehension?

It’s no secret that Appiah’s mother’s reluctance to accept the duo’s upcoming marriage remains a point of contention in their relationship on-screen. Appiah and Griffin have multiple conversations about whether the groom-to-be can proceed with their wedding.

Despite the duo’s stressors, Appiah took to Instagram to express gratitude to his fianceé for walking alongside him throughout their unconventional path to true love.

“The amount of stress you feel in deciding if you’re going to marry someone you met in an experience like this is… a LOT,” Appiah begins his post. “Unloading all of our baggage, combining all the different parts of our lives, hoping it makes logical sense as people who truly love each other. It’s hard for people to understand,” he continues. “It takes a lot of strength, courage, and vulnerability to make it through this, and you embody all of these traits so well. I couldn’t imagine going through this experience with anyone else,” Appiah concludes.

However, some fans weren’t buying what Appiah had to say. Many of his followers left skeptical comments on the photo.

“It wouldn’t be stressful if you were really in love; you just weren’t,” a fan wrote.

“Oh come on, let’s be real for a min,” another fan commented, “As a couple, you two had zero chemistry. [laughing emoji] She was living in her boring, controlling La La Land. At the same time, you tried adjusting to her fairy tale delusional idea of romance just to stay on the show, knowing damn well you didn’t match on the emotional level. Anyone with a sound mind would see that Micah was a better fit for you,” they said.

“Really? Not even Micah? It seemed like you imagined the whole time,” another follower weighed in.

“I don’t think he will say yes. She tells him all these amazing things, and he just smiles,” a fan shared. “he never promises anything or makes her believe he is choosing her. And I think deep down she knows,” they speculated.

“People that think this is a good match are a cray,” a fan commented. “Yes, I want her to get married and have all the dreams fulfilled, but I don’t think that’s for him, and I don’t think it SHOULD be him! Can we normalize not forcing a man to fit in our fantasy worlds?” they asked.

The live “Love Is Blind” reunion will stream on Sunday, April 16th!

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