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Madonna Hints At Not Being Vegan, Fans Are Not Liking It


Madonna is not a favorite of some of her avid supporters after showcasing a change in her strict vegan diet that has inspired many worldwide.

The record-breaking icon, who reportedly followed the macrobiotic diet to maintain her small frame into her mid-60s, was recently spotted ravishing chicken, much to the viewers’ surprise.

Social media users did not receive such a display as they called her out for lying about being a vegan while advising her to return to the good side of history — veganism.

Madonna Hints At Not Being Vegan Again, And Fans Are Not Liking It

Madonna Teases Additional Tour Dates While Stepping To Beyoncé Collab
Instagram | Madonna

The “4 Minutes” singer tells the world she is no longer a vegan, which is not good news to some of her followers.

She went on Instagram with a video announcing a new show for her highly-anticipated Celebration Tour, which showed her eating chicken with her family in an ornate room.

The reel began with her telling one of her sons that she could not kick his chair any harder, prompting him to reply jokingly and defensively that she already did. Someone in the background could be heard saying “action,” Her son stood up from the dining table with his plate, about to exit the room.

Madonna was not having it as she told him to sit down while chewing on the chicken that eventually got stuck in her throat. Then, she dropped the news that she would be visiting Mexico, causing everyone around the table to exclaim in delight.

In the caption, the 64-year-old penned, “Fans have a chance for tickets today and tomorrow, and Citibamex cardholders have access to the pre-sale ticket starting Thursday!! Tickets go on sale to the public Friday, April 21.”

Although her trip to Mexico should have been fantastic news, commenters were more concerned about what she was eating. Several wondered if she had given up on veganism, while others could not believe their eyes. One wrote, “Please. Go vegan,” before another asked rhetorically, “She’s no longer vegetarian? Since when?”

A third fan then remarked, “Go vegan! Animals are sentient beings. Be on the right side of history, @madonna !! #endspeciesism”

Afterward, a fourth fan inquired, “Wasn’t she vegetarian?” prompting a fellow commenter to reply: “Yes, she is vegan. I don’t know where Madonna is, but I do not think this person is Madonna.” 

“One would expect a great woman like Madonna to be VEGAN,” a sixth follower commented. “Go vegan, Madonna; dead animals on the plate don’t suit you.”

Another repeated the same question about whether the “Vogue” star was a vegetarian before wondering aloud if she had been lying about her macrobiotic diet.

Speaking of the musician’s well-known diet, Women’s Health elaborated on its origin and everything there is to know. The macrobiotic diet, developed by a Japanese philosopher in the early 1990s, prioritizes a holistically balanced lifestyle.  

Half of the diet comprises whole grains; a third comprises fruit and vegetables, and a quarter includes beans. It has several benefits thanks to its nutrients that help fight diseases, aid metabolism, and encourage individuals to make healthy consumption choices.

On the other hand, it could be challenging to incorporate such a diet because it is “incredibly restrictive” since it eliminates all processed food and sugars.

The ‘Like a Virgin’ Singer Plans To Restore Her Natural Look Ahead Of Upcoming Tour

Following the 2023 Grammys, Madonna gained numerous criticisms for her appearance, which she was unapologetic about.

Her look at the award show sparked plastic surgery rumors which she publicly denied saying, “Once again, I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny.”

She added that she had never felt sorry and would never feel that way for her creative choices or how she looked or dressed. However, sources close to the “La Isla Bonita” songstress alleged that she hoped to look more like her old self before her tour starting later in July.

An insider told Daily Mail that she is undergoing some procedures to restore her original looks as she values her fans’ opinions. The informant shared, “She sees and hears what people say about her, and for the tour, she wants to look more like herself again for her fans.”

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