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Matthew Knowles Talks Raising Successful Children


Matthew Knowles is thinking back on memories of the past. The talented record executive recently opened up about raising his famous daughters, Beyoncé and Solange, in the spotlight.

The American talent manager has an excellent track record, as he is best known for managing and propelling the award-winning girl group “Destiny’s Child” into success. It is no wonder he is sharing some wisdom as the father of two megastars and a mentor to others, on supporting children’s ambition.

Mathew Knowles Shares Photo of Beyoncé & Solange With A Clear Message On How To Nurture Kids

In his latest Instagram post, the 71-year-old posted a throwback of the duo, showing a young Beyoncé in a blue vest and colorful shorts while younger Solange donned a white gown. The snap was captivating, but the caption caught the viewer’s attention. 

Starting the message, the businessman asked everyone to encourage and support their children. He penned, “I believe our young people are often more intuitive than adults in many areas. Those early passions many children possess should be nurtured and supported.”

He partly talked about how his mother supported his every ambition, even when they were short on money. “I vividly recall her buying me a set of Encyclopedia books so I could absorb knowledge and educate my young mind.”

The “Spirit Rising Music” founder also reflected on raising his two daughters with his ex-wife, Tina Knowles sharing how he helped them at a young age. He mentioned, “When Beyoncé and Solange showed an interest in music at a very young age, Tina and I (who were already corporate professionals and entrepreneurs) didn’t attempt to downplay their passions.” 

He outlined that Tina and himself “were happy with whatever career path they chose” as long as they “took it seriously and strived to be the best they could.”

Knowles’ followers supported the message; one even acknowledged that it was “Beautifully expressed.” Another shared, “Your encouragement created the biggest star on this planet.” Others in agreement flooded the post with lovely emoticons.

In another update from last year, the doting father spoke on his daughters’ varying careers. He shared a throwback picture of him and the “Drunk In Love” crooner having fun. 

Alongside the cute shot, he wrote, “I remember not knowing what Beyonce was doing in this very moment, but I could see the big smile on her face and sense that she was having fun. So I smiled and went along with it because it was making her happy.”

He then pointed out how parents should be flexible. He says, “Sometimes we need to let them have fun and let their spirits guide them to be the best they could possibly be.”

In addition, the former manager dropped advice for parents with gifted kids and individuals trying to be successful. He advised, “Be passionate about what you do, love what you do, and have fun while doing it.”

Afterward, per a certain fans’ request, the TV personality dished on Solange’s career. In the caption, he shared that the “Almeda” singer always chose to do music her way and decided against being a member of “Destiny’s Child.” In addition to this revelation, Knowles advised his followers to “take a page out of Solange’s book” and then gave lengthy life advice.

He then ended the caption by declaring how proud he was of the “Dreams” singer.

Proud Father Matthew Knowles Praised Beyoncé For Her Latest Grammy Feat

Earlier this year, Matthew once again made headlines after his eldest daughter achieved an impossible feat. In February, the mother of three became the most awarded artist in the history of Grammy. Rightfully, her father took to his social media to pen her a beautiful message.

Beyoncé and her dad Matthew Knowles

The “Halo” singer’s father shared a stunning picture of her where she is seen rocking a beautiful silver-and-gold strapless dress with black gloves and brown wavy hair. The outfit featured a  corset bustier and a ruffled bottom with a thigh-high slit. 

The accompanied message read, “Ever since you were a young child, you’ve wanted to make a worldwide impact in music. You had a dream and the work ethic to make it happen.” The tweet continued, “Congratulations on your historic, record-breaking night! Love you.”

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