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Nick Cannon Gushes About His Love For Abby De La Rosa


Nick Cannon is sharing his special relationship with Abby De La Rosa!

The San Diego native may be the internet’s frequent source of laughs over his infamous breeding abilities. However, the entertainer continues to make waves in the industry as a multi-hyphenate star.

The 42-year-old shares twelve kids with six different women and recently launched a new morning program with De La Rosa. The Nickelodeon alum shared the sweetest reason as to why he chose one of his famous baby mamas for the project.

Nick Cannon Gushes About His Love For Abby De La Rosa’s Energy

Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa with kids for Christmas photo

On April 11, the program’s Instagram page shared a snippet of the “All That” star’s appearance on Howard Stern’s eponymous radio show. During the episode, Cannon got candid about his relationship with the celebrated DJ.

For the interview, the TV personality donned a yellow hoodie designed with a smiling sun in sunglasses graphic alongside the name of his new radio show, “The Daily Cannon.” The former rapper completed the look with his signature turban, wearing an orange headdress to match his hoodie’s illustration.

When Stern mentioned De La Rosa’s involvement in the upcoming show as a co-host, the radio veteran wondered if the other women in Cannon’s life got jealous or upset about their partnership. Wearing his usual bright smile, the San Diego native replied:

“I don’t know, I haven’t started the show yet…but you know what? I think–I think everybody has their own thing. I mean, the beautiful thing about Abby is I met her in the radio space.”

Gushing about their first encounter, the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” star continued: “She was working at iHeart out here in LA, and she was just–I had never seen a radio personality and an actual DJ, and she had her show, and I was like ‘whoa she’s so dope.’”

The NAACP Image Award winner confessed that he fell in love with De La Rosa’s energy and wanted her on “The Daily Cannon.” In the multi-hyphenate star’s words: “When I started my new show, I was like the only DJ I want is one of the mothers of my children.”

Cutting in, Stern asked the “Wild ‘n Out” host if he was in love with the caramel-toned beauty. However, the “Gigolo” rapper clarified that his feelings were inclined toward the media personality’s energy.

“Of course, I would say I’m in love with energy; that’s what I’m in love with. Like I love her energy,” the 42-year-old claimed. The clip concluded with the former “America’s Got Talent” judge announcing that Cannon’s radio show would premiere on April 24.

The Blast previously shared details about the upcoming program, revealing that the morning show shall be broadcasted on Amazon’s live-stream app, Amp. Former Dallas Radio host Mason Moussette shall work alongside the Nickelodeon alum and De La Rosa as the third host.

Like the Radio veteran, the mother-of-three has ties to the industry as a former on-air personality. Before contributing to Cannon’s giant brood, the Los Angeles native worked at Real 92.3 as a radio host.

While celebrating her collaboration with the father of her three children, the media personality revealed on her IG Story that she had a wealth of experience. “I’m not new to this; I’m true to this! Radio is MY thing. Has been my career for over 10+ years!” the entertainer penned over a screenshot of fans’ reactions to the news.

Abby De La Rosa Once Claimed She Had Nothing But Love For Cannon’s Other Women

While it might seem as though De La Rosa is the apple of Cannon’s eyes amongst his baby mamas, last year, she opened up about her relationship with the mothers of Cannon’s children. During a Q&A session on her OnlyFans page, the caramel-toned beauty replied to a curious fan’s query about her connection with the women.

Abby De La Rosa's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Abby De La Rosa

The individual wondered if the social media influencer had met any of the other mothers, to which the Los Angeles native revealed her friendship with an unnamed woman in the “Drumline” star’s life.

Raving about their relationship, the iHeartMedia presenter revealed: “We’ve had so much fun going out to dinners and coffee. She’s beautiful, and I wish her nothing but the best in this forever journey we’re a part [sic] of.”

As for the rest of Cannon’s infamous baby mamas, the mother-of-three explained that she did not know them, nor had they met. Despite the lack of a connection, De La Rosa noted that she wished these women the best.

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