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Why Alicia Witt Calls Her ‘The Masked Singer’ Appearance ‘Divine Timing’


Actress Alicia Witt is delighted to finally be able to reveal that she performed as the Dandeloin on season 9 of “The Masked Singer.”

The 47-year-old actress took to Instagram shortly after her identity was unveiled Wednesday night to show clips of her performance throughout the season.

In a way, the “Dune” actress felt that her appearance in the singing competition was a little like fate.

After overcoming her battle with breast cancer, she got the call to be on “The Masked Singer” on the same day that she went through breast reconstruction surgery.

Alicia Witt Got The Call To Be On ‘The Masked Singer’ The SAME DAY As Her Breast Reconstruction Surgery!

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine published on Thursday, Witt called the experience of performing on “The Masked Singer” stage a “lifetime high,” adding, “I remember the moment I got the invitation, I thought, it’s not only going to be fun, but this could also be one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. And it truly was.”

She revealed that she had just come out of breast reconstruction surgery the same day that she was asked to appear on “The Masked Singer.” Witt disclosed her private breast cancer journey last summer after being inspired by other women to come forward with her story.

Alicia Witt at The Art of Elysium's 13th Annual Black Tie Artistic Experience 'Heaven'

“I was coming out of my anesthesia, and I was so groggy I wasn’t even quite sure if I had seen the email right,” Witt recalled. “The next day I was a little bit more coherent. I was like, did I get an email from The Masked Singer last night? It felt like divine timing.”

Fans may not be aware that Witt was actually filming in Vancouver while “The Masked Singer” was being filmed and they did not know what episode she would be on for. Therefore, she had to prepare for songs for several of the “themed” nights, including New York Night, ABBA Night, and Sesame Street night.

Witt Calls Performing On ‘The Masked Singer’ A ‘Magical’ Experience

The “Modern Persuasion” actress also took to Instagram to share several photos of her Dandelion costume. She called her experience “one of the most emotional, surreal, moving, magical experiences I’ve ever had.”

“I’ve always felt more truthful connecting to others through music – like I could be most myself there. that’s why I started writing and sharing my own music. that’s why I started playing live shows,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

Alicia Witt at The Art of Elysium's 13th Annual Black Tie Artistic Experience 'Heaven'

Although she did tell PEOPLE that she was “sad” that she had to take the mask off and have her identity revealed, she did see the benefits of being unmasked and performing on stage again.

“But I also felt like, now I get to show my smile to everyone. I wanted more than anything to jump into the crowd and crowd-surf over to Ken. I wanted to give him a huge hug,” she said, referring to judge Ken Jeong, who was the only one who guessed her correctly.

Alicia Witt Is ‘One Grateful Dandelion’ After Performing On ‘The Masked Singer’

In another Instagram post, Witt called it a “lifetime high” to be able to see “Over the Rainbow” on “The Masked Singer” stage. She said it “has forever been one of my favorite songs,” adding, “It has more meaning to me than most people know.”

When PEOPLE asked about how appearing on the show might change the way she interacts with her audience during live performances, Witt replied, “Being about to go on a little mini tour for my new EP, I was going to be connecting with people in a different way than I did before because of having had this experience on The Masked Singer. It kind of changed me in a way. I can’t explain how much I loved getting to do this. It was really profound for me specifically.”

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