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Mocha Storm


Myanmar’s port city has been hit hard by Cyclone Moka. The storm also severely affected the country’s information and telecommunication services.

Super Cyclone ‘Mokha’, prevailing in the Middle East Bay of Bengal, crossed the coast of Southeast Bangladesh and Northern Myanmar yesterday (May 14). Then the maximum speed is 210 km per hour. Hurricane winds blew at speed.

Bangladesh and Myanmar are facing severe weather due to Cyclone Mocha. Myanmar has been directly affected by Cyclone Moka. Cell phone towers and roofs of houses in Myanmar were blown away by winds of up to 210 km/h.

In particular, the Myanmar port city of Sittwe and the capital of Rakhine have suffered heavy damage from Cyclone Moka. Reports coming from there indicate that many places have been flooded due to the rains caused by the storm.

The storm has affected telecommunication services in Myanmar. According to the Myanmar Army, the capital Rakhine has suffered heavy damage.

Ramanathan Balakrishnan, United Nations Resident Coordinator for Myanmar, said, “It is a nightmare for such a severe storm to hit a country that is already facing humanitarian aid due to various problems.

This has caused further problems for thousands of people.” said. The Myanmar military has yet to fully disclose the damage caused by Cyclone Mocha.

More than 400,000 people were displaced in Bangladesh and Myanmar following Cyclone Moka.While the refugee camps in densely populated Bangladesh were expected to be the hardest hit by Cyclone Mocha, the refugee camps were least affected by Cyclone Mocha.

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