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Instructions to register waste water disposal vehicles in Tamil Nadu within 15 days


The Tamil Nadu Transport Department has advised that sewage disposal vehicles should be registered within 15 days.In this regard, the Transport and Road Safety Commissioner has issued a statement saying, “Across Chennai and Tamil Nadu, sewage vehicles are being used to clean the sewage tank and carry sewage in areas without underground sewers.

The Prevention and Rehabilitation of Sewerage Operators Act, 2013, Section 7 provides that no person shall be employed to clean a cesspool. Section 9 also provides for punishment and fines against violators.The vehicle type should be recorded as Sewage Tanker in the register of vehicles used to transport sewage.

Therefore, sewage vehicle owners, if their vehicle is not registered as a sewage disposal vehicle in the registration certificate, should approach the concerned Regional Transport Office and register it within 15 days as “Sewage Disposal Vehicle” in the registration book and permit within 15 days under Section 86 of the Motor Vehicles Act. , 1988 is hereby advised. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of permit,” it said.

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