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Rita’s Kitchen by Tabatchnick Fine Foods

SOMERSET, NJ, USA, August 7, 2023/ — Tabatchnick Fine Foods, America’s oldest family-owned national brand soup company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest endeavor, “Rita’s Kitchen.” This brand-new blog will captivate food enthusiasts and home cooks alike with its tantalizing recipes that ingeniously incorporate Tabatchnick’s exceptional food products.

Rita’s Kitchen will showcase a wide variety of mouthwatering recipes that incorporate Tabatchnick’s array of quality products as key ingredients, including the company’s shelf-stable broths, frozen soups, and side dishes. New recipes will be added every month, featuring sumptuous soups, savory stews, meat dishes, vegetarian entrees, side dishes, desserts, and so much more. This approach aims to create an organic and engaging experience for readers, allowing them to discover new and exciting ways to savor Tabatchnick’s offerings.

The blog will entice readers with captivating storytelling, expert culinary tips, and stunning visuals that showcase the artistry of each recipe. Every blog post will provide step-by-step instructions, making it easy for both novice and seasoned cooks to recreate these delightful dishes in the comfort of their own kitchens. With an emphasis on simplicity, quality, and innovation, the blog is set to become a go-to resource for culinary enthusiasts seeking inspiration and exceptional taste.

“We are thrilled to introduce Rita’s Kitchen to the world,” said Rita Tabatchnick, President at Tabatchnick. “Through this blog, we hope to inspire creativity in the kitchen and showcase the endless possibilities that Tabatchnick’s products offer. Rita’s Kitchen is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with exceptional culinary experiences, and we can’t wait to share these delicious recipes with food lovers everywhere.”

The unveiling of Rita’s Kitchen follows the successful launch of Tabatchnick’s ecommerce store on, selling their shelf-stable broths featured in many of the blog’s recipes. Customers can now buy Tabatchnick’s shelf-stable broths online from anywhere in the continental United States for delivery right to their doorstep. Available varieties of broths include Classic Wholesome Chicken Broth, Organic Chicken Broth, Vegetable Broth, and Gourmet Beef Broth.

For more information and to explore the tantalizing recipes at Rita’s Kitchen, please visit

About Tabatchnick Fine Food Inc.:

Tabatchnick is a nationally recognized soup company with over 25 varieties of hearty soups and broths. Now, in its 117th year of operation, Tabatchnick continues its tradition of serving award-winning foods, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in their products.

As an industry leader, Tabatchnick developed a revolutionary process of freezing their soups to lock in the flavor and freshness of their ingredients. The company’s innovative product lines feature low sodium, organic, gluten free, and various others. All Tabatchnick products are certified kosher.

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