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Agility Launches New Native Google Translator App to Enable Multilingual Content Creation

Google translate app

Google translate app

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 8, 2023/ — Agility has announced the launch of its new native Google Translator app, designed to enable marketers and content creators to easily translate content into multiple languages within the Agility platform.

Google Translator is one of the leading machine translation services available today and has been integrated with Agility in the past. However, as part of Agility’s expanding marketplace, the company has built a new, no-code integration for Google Translator. Content creators can now easily translate their content directly within the Agility platform, without requiring any technical expertise or custom development work.

“At Agility, we understand the importance of creating content that can be easily understood by global audiences,” said Joel Varty, CTO of Agility. “With the new Google Translator app, we’re providing our customers with a powerful tool that streamlines the process of creating multilingual content with Agility.”

The launch of the Google Translator app is part of Agility’s broader marketplace plans, which aim to provide customers with access to a wide range of third-party applications and services. These integrations are made possible by Agility’s composable architecture, which allows customers to easily mix and match different services to create a custom solution that fits their unique requirements.

“By empowering content managers with the new Google Translator app, we are putting the customer at the center of our focus. Now, they can effortlessly translate their content into multiple languages, making it simpler than ever to connect with global audiences,” emphasized Jina Zohori, Head of Customer Experience. “Our mission is to support content creators in reaching even more global audiences and ensuring their message resonates worldwide.”

The new Google Translator app is expected to significantly enhance the content creation capabilities of marketing teams by improving collaboration, streamlining translation processes, and improving the overall quality of the translated content. With the native integration, content creators can now easily translate their content directly within Agility, reducing the time and effort required to create multilingual content.

About Agility:

Agility is the headless CMS for businesses seeking personalized, scalable, and future-proofed content management solutions. With an API-first approach and flexible architecture, Agility empowers your brand to create and distribute engaging content across channels with ease. Their personalized white-glove service and focus on unique challenges makes them the superior choice for enterprise-level businesses seeking composable solutions. Unlock Your Brand’s Voice and Solve Unique Challenges with White Glove Service and Revolutionary Architecture, Powered by Agility.

About Google Translator:

Google Translator is one of the leading machine translation services available today, providing translation services for over 100 languages. Google Translator is widely used by individuals and organizations around the world to translate text, websites, and documents quickly and easily. With its powerful machine learning algorithms and neural networks, Google Translator is able to provide accurate translations that are constantly improving over time. Learn more at

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