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Author Erin Dullaghan Jones’ Divorcee Dish The Book Series Branches out with a New Audiobook


Created & Released Following the Success of Her Two Paperback & E-books Divorcee Dish & Divorcee Dish Two

LOUISVILLE, KY, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — Erin Dullaghan Jones and her Divorcee Dish paperback and e-book series launched in 2022, is unveiling the brand’s latest media addition to its informative, inspirational, and fun compilation, with the Divorcee Dish Two audiobook, available now exclusively on Audible at

“Divorce is hard on everyone involved; you, your ex, children, family members, even friends,” states Jones. “After my divorce, I was exhausted, but as time went by, and with the support of so many others became inspired and ultimately exhilarated about the whole experience. It was then I decided to develop a tell-it-like-it-is, digital destination for the multitudes of women and men thinking about/in the throes of/or have made it through the separation from their significant others.”

Thus, her website,, featuring real-life, no-holds-barred blog entries, was born and became an instant hit, leading to her publication of paperbacks and e-books. “The release of our new audiobook is another important step in my plan to continue as a resource – and now, literally a voice – to help the multitude of women and men out there trying to cope with the effects of divorce,” Jones adds. The Divorcee Dish series is a 2023 recipient of The Literary Titan Book Award, an esteemed bestowal from an organization of professional editors, writers, and professors. The honorees have a passion for the written word, and the acknowledgment goes to books that have astounded and amazed Literary Titan (LT) with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. As LT notes in its 5-star review, “Divorce is a challenging and emotionally tumultuous experience, further complicated by the involvement of children and extended families. In recent years, the pandemic and global economic strains have exacerbated these difficulties, causing a notable surge in divorce rates. Erin Dullaghan Jones, in her timely book, The Divorcee Dish, offers a thoughtful guide to help individuals, particularly women, navigate the intricate dynamics of divorce with grace and resilience (see full review here).”

The paperback and e-book series is available at and, once again, the new audiobook at (special thanks to Alyson Krawchuk for her engaging audio narration).



Louisville, Kentucky-based Erin Dullaghan Jones founded the Divorcee Dish (DD) brand in early 2022, inspired by the trials and tribulations of her divorce. It is created to share stories from the women and men on the front lines of life before, during, and after divorce. Its mission is to curate and share relevant, relatable content and provide insights for those going through a divorce, are divorced, or are headed that way. Written first-hand by Erin herself, the blog and books are filled with funny, touching, real-life information from her own experiences, those of her divorced friends, and the blog’s fans and followers.

Erin is also the Founder of In. Mode Marketing LLC – established in 2010 – where her in-depth knowledge of the evolving marketing world is distinguished. Her strategic expertise in communications – Public Relations, Marketing, Crisis Communications (how perfect is that because what divorce is not a crisis?), Social Media Strategy, Event Marketing, and more – enhances and strengthens consumer and trade awareness for her diverse client base, encompassing philanthropy to consumer goods. She and her marketing agency have also been nationally certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) by the WBENC of the Ohio River Valley (ORV), a regional certifying partner of WBENC; a Certified Kentucky Minority & Women Business Enterprise; a Certified SBA/WOSB Woman Owned Small Business; and a Louisville Certified Business Enterprise. Erin is also a charter member of Unified Strategies Public Relations (USPR), an international network of public relations and marketing communications professionals, and is a long-term Senior Consultant with The Institute for Crisis Management (ICM), one of North America’s first crisis management consulting firms. She is an accomplished speaker and media training professional with an impressive resume of public speaking engagements at keynote marketing events nationwide.

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