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BCI Releases New Sales Performance Book

A Field Guide to Data-Driven Sales Enablement
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Baker Communications, Inc. announces the release of “A Field Guide to Data-Driven Sales Enablement” with articles by 18 leading industry executives.

Just like a doctor uses lab work, x-rays, and other tools to uncover a person’s illnesses, this book describes how to use predictive diagnostic tools to uncover and fix sales teams’ weaknesses.”

— Joe DiDonato | BCI Chief of Staff

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — Baker Communications, Inc. (BCI) announced the release of a new collaborative publication, “A Field Guide to Data-Driven Sales Enablement,” with articles by 18 leading industry executives. The book addresses the three top problems faced by sales organizations today: high turnover rates; low quota performance; and elongated time to sales proficiency. The company also announced that they were dedicating all book royalties to cancer research foundations to help find cures for a disease that has impacted so many families, including the founders of the company.

To make the publication even more practical, the company said that it reached out to 18 leading industry executives to solicit their tips, techniques, and best practices when it comes to addressing these problems. According to the company, the data-driven approach completely changes how sophisticated sales teams approach their sales training and enablement. The company went on to say that sales organizations have struggled with three major problems for decades:

• Average turnover rates over 34% with the upper range for many companies in the 50+% range;

• Less than 50% of their organizations achieving quota; and

• The elongated time it takes for sales reps to achieve proficiency in their roles.

The book claims that this new and unique approach to identifying and mapping a seller’s strengths and weaknesses to individualized training and coaching paths leads the industry when it comes to best practices. “Just like a doctor uses lab work, x-rays, and other diagnostic tools to uncover a person’s illnesses,” commented Joe DiDonato, BCI’s Chief of Staff, “the book describes how to use predictive diagnostic tools to uncover sellers’ and sales teams’ strengths and weaknesses. But then the book takes the reader to the next level by describing how to use that data to achieve some pretty amazing results.”

According to the authors, this field guide shows the reader how companies reduced sales turnover by 62% and increased the number of reps making quota increased by 88%. The book then goes on to show the reader how they can use data and available tools to deliver more precise and personalized learning which drastically reduces the time to peak performance.

“We understand what it takes to drive performance to upper levels of achievement, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to that pursuit of excellence,” said Walter Rogers, BCI’s Chairman. “Even our tagline describes our philosophy of commitment: World-class performance never happens by accident. We truly believe that data-driven sales training and enablement is how Sales Teams will achieve their next major boost in performance.”

To learn more about this unique approach to improving sales performance, as well as where to purchase the book, the company suggests visiting Digital versions are available on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, BookBaby, and many others. The paperback version is available on BookBaby currently.


Baker Communications uses data science to help its customers build world-class sales teams. Just like a doctor uses diagnostic tools to identify illnesses, BCI uses sales-specific diagnostic tools to identify sales team members’ strengths and weaknesses. The company then provides individualized training and coaching solutions for each member of the sales team.

As one of America’s most established corporate training companies, Baker Communications has helped over 1.5 million professionals reach maximum performance since 1979. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including Amazon, SAP, and Ingersoll Rand depend on BCI to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results. BCI uses a data-driven sales enablement methodology to create and deliver individualized training and coaching solutions that produce measurable results, as well as significantly reduce the time to competency for sales teams. Baker Communications’ solutions have been utilized and delivered worldwide, throughout Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

BCI offers a full range of options for learners. These options include our proprietary and custom virtual workshops, as well as technology and AI that provide advanced insights into each seller in addition to delivering learning content anywhere, around the clock. Visit

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