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BJP Chief JP Nadda holds core committee meeting in Jaipur-Politics News , Firstpost


BJP President JP Nadda on Saturday held a core committee meeting in Rajasthan ahead of Assembly elections in the state.

With the Assembly Polls coming closer, the political heat in Rajasthan has intensified with the Congress and BJP slamming each other over a variety of issues.

Most recently, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot claimed that the PMO removed his three-minute speech for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s event in Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, responding to Gehlot’s tweet, the PMO tweeted, “In accordance with protocol, you have been duly invited and your speech was also slotted. But, your office said you will not be able to join.”

“During PM’s previous visits as well you have always been invited and you have also graced those programmes with your presence. You are most welcome to join today’s programme. Your name is very much there on the plaque of the development works as well. Unless you have any physical discomfort owing to your recent injury, your presence will be deeply valued,” the PMO added.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the ‘red diary’ will reveal secrets that would ruin Congress in the upcoming polls.

Addressing a rally at Sikar in Rajasthan, the Prime Minister said that the Congress has only run ‘Loot ki dukaan’ and ‘Jhooth ka bazaar’ in Rajasthan in the name of running government.

The “red diary” is a fresh product of the Congress’ “loot ki dukan”. It is said that the “dark deeds” of the Congress are recorded in the diary, which will defeat the party in elections in the state, Modi said.

The “red diary” was recently produced by the now-dismissed Congress leader Rajendra Gudha in the state assembly. He claimed the diary contained the details of the alleged irregular financial transactions of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

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