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Chris Piro “Petty Poser” Releases New Single ‘We Don’t Sleep”


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chris piro01 Chris Piro “Petty Poser” Releases New Single ‘We Don’t Sleep”

Chris Piro, a.k.a Petty Poser, is a music artist from Chicago, Illinois, USA.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 / — For an artist who values creative freedom and artistic catharsis above all else, American musician/producer Chris Piro aka Petty Poser has shown remarkable determination and courage in recent years. Since embarking on a musical journey, Piro has connected with himself and continued to produce some tracks with an incredible vibe. Piro embraces the abstract while continuing to hit a familiar and nuanced tone of layered musicianship in his music. Piro, who hails from California, spent numerous years in New Orleans, where his love for music drew him to start making his own.

Don’t Sleep’ is another “Bop heavy” track that allows the listener to disappear, even for a few brief moments in time. Inspired by Piro’s youth, ‘Don’t Sleep’ brings two worlds together, the modern electric pop track with a throwback set of keys that unites the song to create a synergistic performance.

Piro, the formidable songwriter that he is, created a unison between the ethereal vocals and dreamy melodies that makes this song one of his most catchy to date. Piro has featured artists like Alita Moses and Foushee on previous tracks and loves to unite singers/songwriters to create harmony.

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Chris Piro
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